Sharyn Tormanen

As far back as she can remember, Sharyn has enjoyed bringing photos and stories together. “What I really enjoy,” says Sharyn, “is including little details in my journaling, bits of history, bits of current trends and issues, bits of real life to go along with the story and photos at hand. I also enjoy capturing those things beyond the obvious, those little things that will have my children and me saying, “Oh yeah! I remember that!” in the years down the road. ”

Sharyn’s style is classic and straightforward. She loves event layouts. She loves two-page layouts and pages that tell a story. Since 2000, she’s had pages published in many magazines and received two Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Honorable Mentions. Sharyn currently designs for Creative Memories. Also, a big stack of her pages are featured in the Memory Makers Books’ “Get It Scrapped!” (by Debbie Hodge). Sharyn’s blog.

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