Alternatives to the Traditional Scrapbook Album

What’s your approach to memory keeping for your family? Do you keep prints of your photos in order in boxes? Do you have everything uploaded to a site like Flickr and organized digitally? Do you make albums? And do you make these albums to share for the whole family or do you make albums for individuals in the family?

Technology has made it possible to easily and affordably replicate photos and scrapbook pages. You can:

  • print and bind albums of scrapbook pages you have scanned and uploaded
  • print and bind albums of scrapbook pages you have made digitally
  • print individual scrapbook pages you have EITHER made digitally or uploaded (in a variety of sizes) and slide into traditional pocket albums
  • use a service to “slurp” the writing and photos from an online blog and then print them in a bound book

The implication of this is that you no longer need to be scrapping albums for each family member page by page. You may now:

  • print multiple copies of an album
  • print customized variations of an album
  • print multiple copies of a scrapbook page and then put together in a customized album.
  • print albums and/or pages in different sizes for different people; i.e., 12×12 for your family album and 8×8 for the college-bound son or daughter.

Album pages can be:

  • photos arranged in standard templates by your online retailer
  • pages you have digitally scrapbooked
  • pages you have scrapped with paper
  • scanned and printed digital copies of scrapped pages

How are you making family and individual albums now? Has technology change your approach? What would you like to know more about?

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3 Responses to Alternatives to the Traditional Scrapbook Album

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  2. Ahmed Jetty March 11, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

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  3. Raylene March 15, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

    I totally agree. Since making my first Photo album in 2007, I have 13 albums under my creative belt, from 44 pages to 116 pages. I think this is the best and most affordable way to get those photos out of the computer and into a format that people love to look at. Compare a photobook at 3/4 inch thick with 116 pages to a paper scrapped 30 pages at 3 inches thick. Cost of paper, cardstock, buttons, album, etc about the same as a digital album. Besides, I have made oodles of copies for family and fellow travellers of some of our trips. I say 2 thumbs up for technology!

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