Conversations about color and scrapbooking

As a part of the Masterful Scrapbook Design series focus on color, I talked to the guest designers/teachers about how they approach color when making scrapbook pages.

Lisa Dickinson shared a great tip for using color and tension to guide the eye in this excerpt. Listen in and let her guide you through her page “Chill.”


Lisa Dickinson, September 2010, on color

Conversations about color and scrapbooking 

Here is a  short excerpt from the conversation with Doris Sander–find out how she incorporates non-traditional colors on seasonal and themed layouts and see the layout she talks about specifically below.


Doris Sander, September 2010, on color



Conversations about color and scrapbooking 



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    [...] color when scrapbooking. Take a listen to the conversations with Lisa Dickinson and Doris Sander. Click here to go to audio clips. You may also [...]

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