Get Started Scrapbooking

So you’d like to start collecting, preserving, and presenting your photos. You’ve heard this referred to as ”scrapbooking” traditionally and, more recently, as “memory-keeping.”

Whether you scrapbook with paper supplies or digital supplies, whether you think of your collections as albums or photo books, understanding the elements of a scrapbook page, basic design principles, and all the options at are available today makes memory keeping more satisfying — and easier!

Here are a collection of posts to get you started with your memory keeping adventure.

Why everybody should scrapbook – even if they think they can’t

How Scrapbooking Made My Life Better

Scrapbook album and page formats

Alternatives to the traditional scrapbook album

Supplies for paper scrapbooking

Supplies for digital scrapbooking

How to make your first paper scrapbook page

What to consider when you start making a scrapbook page

Using scrapbook page sketches

What does “archival” scrapbooking mean to you today?

A Brief History of Scrapbooking in America

The elements of a scrapbook page

Scrapbook page design

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