Technique for Making Copic Markers Look Like Chalk

Mixed Media with Michelle Houghton | Technique for Making Copic Markers Look Like Chalk

Here’s a copic marker technique that yields a chalk-look effect. Each month Michelle Houghton is examining an artistic technique or supply to add to your scrapbook layouts.  She will show you the steps to get this product or technique onto your pages now.  This month Michelle found a fun new technique with Copic markers to share. […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Full-Width and Full-Height Photos

The full-width and full-height photo sizes is a great format for scrapbook page storytelling. The popularity of “Pocket Page” and “Project Life” scrapbooking has gotten scrapbookers working certain photo sizes over and over. First it was the 3″x4″ format. More recently, the 6″ x 12″ pocket size has gotten us working “full-height” and “full-width” photo formats. […]

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Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling | Get It Scrapped

Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling

The story sharing and photo sharing you do on social media can provide a great resource for making scrapbook pages. It means you’ve already identified moments as share-worthy and found photos to represent those moments. You might even have edited and cropped the photos and written notes using apps and tools. All of this pre-scrapbook processing […]

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Let Patterned Paper and Color Decide Your Scrapbook Page Story

If you’re a patterned paper lover, surely you’ve got a stash of papers calling to you. Challenge yourself to shake up your scrapbooking page storytelling process by starting with a patterned paper and color before your photos or story. It will give you a chance to play with new techniques and products and yield unexpected […]

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Get Scrapbook Ideas from Nature Pins

See the Nature pins on the Get It Scrapped Pinterest Boards for scrapbooking ideas you can use on your own layout designs. why nature? While some color and motif associations derive from personal and cultural experiences that vary around the world, the ones that come from nature are more universal.  These associations can be used to strengthen the […]

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3 Scrapbook Page Stories You Can Tell with a Venn Diagram

Scrapbook page storytelling is visual storytelling, so why not turn to currently popular infographic design, including Venn diagrams, for inspiration? A Venn diagram lets you show logical relationships between the elements within sets via visual overlaps. You’re probably most familiar with a variation in which three circles overlap and each pair has a shared area while […]

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How to Pile New and Trendy Products On Scrapbook Pages and Still Tell A Story

While the expected goal of making a scrapbook page is to get photos presented and stories recorded, there’s lots of creative satisfaction to be had in working with new and trendy scrapbooking product. Product can even be the spur that gets you inspired to make a page. Check out 7 approaches for piling on new […]

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9 Ideas for Using Scrapbook Page Templates and Sketches in Ways that Make Them Your Own

Using scrapbook page templates and sketches is a great way to get pages made. The Get It Scrapped membership now includes an always-growing library of 70+ sketches and layered templates. An all-access pass gets you all of them. A sketch/template doesn’t have to lock you into a design, though. The Get It Scrapped Creative Team […]

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