Give the gift of scrapbooking companionship, starters, ideas, and instruction

Give the gift of inspiration, instruction, and community to the photographers and storytellers in your life. A Get It Scrapped Membership is a library full of: scrappy companionship: 250+ video/audio interviews in an easy to access catalog scrappy starters: 100+ scrapbook page layered templates and sketches all cataloged by number of photos scrappy how-tos: 45 Scrapbook […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with the Family Tree Motif

The family tree motif has been used to represent lineage since the  biblical Book of Isaiah used it to detail Christ’s ancestors originating from Jesse of Bethlehem. Visual depictions of this Tree of Jesse can be seen rendered on stained windows, carvings, and illuminated manuscripts. Today this motif endures both for practical and decorative use. The tree, its […]

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On-Trend Scrapbooking Ideas for Making Your Own Big-Dot Pattern

Big dots are trendy. Especially big dots rendered in fun ways with a variety of mixed media supplies. The Get It Scrapped Creative Team took the challenge to make their own “big-dot” patterns here and share their scrapbooking ideas with you. make a big-dot pattern with Silhouette-cut drawn circles Sue Althouse says, “This page is about […]

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Scrapbook Page Design Embellishing with a Visual Triangle and Visual Hierarchy

Embellishing scrapbook pages with a strong visual triangle is good because it moves the viewer’s eye through your page. While you can add eye-catching complexity with the skilled use of multiple visual triangles, a clean and straight-forward approach also yields stand-out designs. Did you know that when you work with a visual triangle it’s important […]

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