Scrapbook Design Ideas for Two-Page Layouts with the Shelf Foundation

The “shelf” is a scrapbook design idea scrapbookers turn to again and again for making scrapbook pages, and we’ve shown you ideas for the shelf to make a one-page layout. Here, we’ve got scrapbooking ideas for using the “shelf” foundation on two-page layouts. Using a horizontal “shelf” (of paper strips or ribbon or even a […]

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This Memory Keeper’s Life Podcast 021 | Anna Aspnes

Anna Aspnes shares how a busy life and unexpected challenges benefit from loosened expectations AND the steady incorporation of creativity–and we talk about scrapbooking as a healing and therapeutic activity. Anna Aspnes | website Download or open in new window (right + click). Links:   Anna’s site: Anna Aspnes Designs Anna’s artist statement Anna’s one-on-one coaching This […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Retro Tech Motifs

“Retro tech” motifs, images of the technologies of our past, make great complements to scrapbook page storytelling, both for the nostalgic feelings they trigger and for their representation of story. Because technology changes so rapidly, items now considered dated and even quaint might have been an exciting life-changer for you just a few years ago. […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Doris Sander’s Layouts

Studying scrapbook pages by others is a great way to get scrapbooking ideas for growing your own style. In this “study” look at how the other scrapbooker has used product and design principles and how she’s handled the 5 parts of a scrapbook page (canvas, photos, title, journaling, embellishments). Our creative team studied pages by Doris Sander and shares what […]

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Get Scrapbooking Ideas from Woodland Motif Pins

See the Woodland Motif pins on  the Get It Scrapped Pinterest Boards for scrapbooking ideas you can use on your own layout designs. why woodland. Woodland motifs are trendy and they’re great for scrapbook page storytelling of outdoor scenes, holidays, and child’s play. There’s plenty of woodland inspiration to be found in decor, storybooks, stationery, and even fashion.  go […]

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This Memory Keeper’s Life Podcast 020 | Christy Strickler

Christy Strickler talks about “her scrapbook evolution,” how her scrapbooking and video game play are companion obsessions, her approach to learning with online craft classes, and her movement onto design teams and teaching her own classes. Christy Strickler | website Download or open in new window (right + click). Links: Christy’s online classes Christy’s blog posts […]

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Ideas for Using Trendy Scrapbooking Color Combination Purple + Yellow

Complementary colors purple and yellow are a trendy scrapbooking color combination this year with Pantone’s color of the year pick of radiant orchid. With variations in hue and saturation this combo can yield a variety of looks. We’ve collected inspiration online for this color combo and our creative team has make pages with their own […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Overprint Techniques

We found great scrapbooking ideas –and a product and technique challenge for you–from something we spotted in print materials like posters and packaging: overprinting. This is the process, in repographics, of printing one color on top of another. Using overprinting inspiration from around the web, our creative team, took the challenge, and they share a number of ways […]

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