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Scrapbook Ideas for Top-Heavy Designs

The latest Get It Scrapped Membership class–Scrapbook Coach #21–includes four video lessons walking students through the making of four “top heavy” designs. A “top heavy” design uses elements with substantial visual weight at the top of the canvas–something that doesn’t seem intuitive for getting balance. There are, though, ways to support a top-heavy design, and our […]

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Ideas for Using Product that Help You Scrapbook Faster

When you can scrapbook faster, the whole process is more appealing for many of us. When you have solid strategies for choosing and using product you’ve taken a great first step to speeding up the work. In addition to this article, we’ve got an entire free series aimed at showing you how to be an efficient (and motivated) […]

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Ideas for Photo Shortcuts To Help You Scrapbook Faster

Making the work of scrapbooking faster can make the whole process more appealing for many. I’m frequently asked by people considering scrapbooking–or maybe derailed from their past scrapbooking activities: Isn’t there an easier way to make a scrapbook page?” Do you ever feel like this frustrated scrapbooker? I sometimes arrange my photos over and over until […]

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