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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Kim Watson’s Layouts | Get It Scrapped

Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Kim Watson’s Layouts

Studying scrapbook pages by others is a great way to get scrapbooking ideas for growing your own style. In this “study” look at how a scrapbooker has used product and design principles and how she’s handled the 5 parts of a scrapbook page (canvas, photos, title, journaling, embellishments). Our creative team studied pages by Kim Watson and made their own pages incorporating […]

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Add Layers Behind Cutaways to Strengthen Scrapbook Page Storytelling

Layering is a great tool for scrapbook page storytelling, and it takes on a new power when we see the elements below through a cutway (or negative space). Make the most of that opportunity and layer something behind your cutaway that supports your story and strengthens your page design. cut organic waves from an ocean […]

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Give Your Photos Stories Podcast | 003 Bugs and Critters

In this episode of Give Your Photos Stories we’re looking at photos of Bugs and Critters with guests Carrie Arick, Ronnie Crowley, and Katrina Kennedy. And we’re telling our stories about these creatures. You might have a recurring critter visitor, a bug or critter you’re afraid of, an unusual childhood pet, or a memorable run-in […]

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Motivated to Scrapbook | Ronnie Crowley Lets Her Photos Sing

From the very start, Ronnie Crowley‘s scrapbooking has been all about the pictures. She started out making collage frames for photos of her children.  Then soon after attending her first Creative Memories party she was embracing the hobby of scrapbooking full on and searching for ways to let her photos take center stage. Ronnie’s cool […]

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