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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Retro Tech Motifs

“Retro tech” motifs, images of the technologies of our past, make great complements to scrapbook page storytelling, both for the nostalgic feelings they trigger and for their representation of story. Because technology changes so rapidly, items now considered dated and even quaint might have been an exciting life-changer for you just a few years ago. […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Using and Making Your Own Bokeh Prints

Below are scrapbooking ideas for using premade Bokeh prints on your layouts and how-tos for making your own Bokeh prints with copic ink, digital brushes, and photography. A popular photography goal in recent years is to achieve a successful Bokeh effect, in other words to take a photo in which out-of-focus points of light are rendered […]

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Scrapbook Layout Designs Inspired by Woodland Scenes

Woodland motifs–like acorns, deer, owl, fox, forest scenes, and stag–are great for scrapbook layout designs of outdoor scenes, holidays, and child play. There’s plenty of woodland inspiration to be found in decor, storybooks, stationery, and even fashion. The scrapbook pages here look to more than the motifs for inspiration — rather, they pull from the […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Storytelling and Design with the Constellation Motif

Find scrapbooking ideas when you connect the “constellation dots.” Star constellations let us find order in chaos, to make patterns out of randomness, and the motif offers opportunities to: support story (from looking to the stars, to going places, to having a story written in the stars), add sparkly bits, and give order to scatters.  Tell of a parent’s […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Artsy Portraits

So many scrapbook page stories are told with photos of people — with portraits. Look closely at those faces and the tools and techniques you like to use and get inspired by artsy portraits for the next page you make. We did! And we’ve got the results.  Get inspired by these pages and the artsy portraits […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Personalizing Layouts about the Places You Love

Is there a place that has your heart? Is there a location with unique characteristics that you’re passionate about? Personalize a scrapbook page about a loved location by incorporating details that are unique to the location. Try: city/country seals “official” motifs (like flowers, mascots, bird, animals, dances, colors . . .) slogans or mottos artwork […]

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The Typewriter is a Retro Motif Perfect for Personal Storytelling on Scrapbook Layouts

Typewriters are a retro and enduring motif great for storytelling on scrapbook pages. Typewriters are a tool for presenting the written word. They represent writing and (almost) a time gone by, a time when a machine with moving parts and ink was used to record stories and reports and official communications. Retro looks continue to […]

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14 Scrapbook Layouts Inspired by Superhero and Comic-Book Designs

Scrapbook layout ideas for color, motif, and styling can be found in the superhero-themed home decor and fashion items that have followed on Hollywood’s delivery of The Avengers, Ironman’s sequel, Thor, a remake of Spiderman and the end of the Dark Knight trilogy.  For this page about how quickly her son is growing up, Katie Scott added lots […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Juvenile Print Patterns

Find scrapbooking ideas for using juvenile print patterns on your layouts. These prints are bright and fun, with whimsical styling and often featuring motifs like critters or trucks that resonate with young children. how our creative team used juvenile patterned papers on scrapbook pages here. Deborah Wagner says, “When we got home from vacation and had […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Glamping’s Juxtapositions of Nature and Elegance

The newly-popular ‘glamping’ trend offers up a wealth scrapbooking ideas for choosing color, motif, texture, and pattern for scrapbook layouts. Glamping refers to vacationing in nature, but with amenities not typically associated with camping–glamorous camping.  The reason “glamping” style offers great inspiration for your designs is because of the juxtapositions of nature and elegance it presents. […]

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