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Design Principles at Work on Artsy Digital Scrapbook Pages

by Anna Aspnes This lesson originally appeared in the Get It Scrapped Membership class Tension. Click here to get all the lessons on this topic with an all access pass. Visual balance, focal point emphasis, and flow are all important to a successful visual design. They contribute to the magic of a clever layout. Incorporation of […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Visual Storytelling with the Compositional Story Style

Your best scrapbook pages reflect a visual storytelling style–your preference for certain kinds of stories and your way of telling them both visually and with words. We defined and illustrated 10 different story styles in the Story Styles LookBook that’s a part of the Get It Scrapped membership. One of those styles is the Compositional Story […]

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Video Blog | Scrapbooking Ideas for Making Your Own Big-Dot Pattern

Big dots are trendy. Especially big dots rendered in fun ways with a variety of mixed media supplies. Here’s the video version of an earlier blog post in which the Get It Scrapped Creative Team took the challenge to make their own “big-dot” patterns. There are great silhouette, copic, digital and gold-foil techiques on these […]

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Scrapbook Page Starter: Arrange Your Page Elements Using a Sprawl Approach

There are several layout configurations of combined elements that scrapbookers use again and again when making scrapbook pages (blocked, clustered, shelf, cross, band and more). These foundations are used again and again because they work well for housing the most frequently encountered combinations of elements (1 to 5 photos with title and journaling) and they consistently yield well-designed pages. We’ve covered many […]

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Some Scrapbook Page Stories are Best Told with a “Single and Pretty” Approach

Scrapbooker Ashley Calder says, “I scrapbook to recall and document moments, the little things that might normally be forgotten over time. Because it’s moments I want to remember, most often a single photo is enough to record that moment.” “Single & Pretty” is the newest class in the Get It Scrapped membership, and it’s a […]

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Make an Easy Two-Page Scrapbook Layout in 6 Steps

Use these 6 steps to quickly crop photos, select papers and arrange it all into a two-page scrapbook layout with a series of narrow portraits, a couple of supporting shots and generous journaling. 1. Choose 5 photos that can be cropped to narrow “portraits.” Crop them all to 3″ wide. Their heights can vary. Plan to […]

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