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How Solid Design Skills Make Scrapbooking Easier: Contrast

The design principle of contrast tells us that there should be obvious visual differences between the elements on your page. What’s more, contrasts will draw the viewer’s eye and add interest and variety. Check out a short video lesson on contrast below and then see how our Creative Team incorporated contrast into their own pages. This video lesson […]

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Design Principles at Work on Artsy Digital Scrapbook Pages

by Anna Aspnes This lesson originally appeared in the Get It Scrapped Membership class Tension. Click here to get all the lessons on this topic with an all access pass. Visual balance, focal point emphasis, and flow are all important to a successful visual design. They contribute to the magic of a clever layout. Incorporation of […]

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Scrapbook Design Ideas for Two-Page Layouts with Cluster Foundations | Get It Scrapped

Scrapbook Design Ideas for Two-Page Layouts with Cluster Foundations

The cluster foundation is one of several layout configurations scrapbookers use again and again when making scrapbook page designs. We’ve shared ideas for single page layouts using the cluster foundation (Seev Scrapbook Page Starter: Use A Multi-Cluster Foundation and Scrapbook Page Composition: Arrange Your Elements in a Free-Form Cluster). You can even get four step-by-step video lessons for working with the cluster […]

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Translate Creative Displays Into Scrapbook Inspiration | Scrapbook Page Sketch by Amy Kingsford

Translate Creative Displays to Scrapbook Design Inspiration | Part 2: Study How the Parts Work Together

by Amy Kingsford Part 2 |  Study how the objects in the display relate to one another. Looking at the individual elements in a display and considering how they work together with regard to placement, alignment and proportion is another great approach to translating creative displays into striking scrapbook page designs. Take time to consider […]

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