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Translate Creative Displays to Scrapbook Design Inspiration | Part 2: Study How the Parts Work Together

by Amy Kingsford Part 2 |  Study how the objects in the display relate to one another. Looking at the individual elements in a display and considering how they work together with regard to placement, alignment and proportion is another great approach to translating creative displays into striking scrapbook page designs. Take time to consider […]

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You don’t have to stop at one visual triangle on your scrapbook page design

The visual triangle When you have three spots on your page that have something in common and that stand out, they catch the viewer’s eye. The viewer’s mind looks for things that stand out. Check out these idea for making visual triangles: 4 ways to make visual triangles on your scrapbook pages from Doris Sander. Why triangle […]

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Scrapbooking with Symmetry | This Formal Composition Yields Pages with Appeal

by Debbie Hodge In a symmetrically balanced visual design, elements on either side of a central axis balance one another. The act of riding a bike requires the balancing of physical weight on either side of a vertical axis. The act of creating a symmetrical visual design requires balancing visual weight on either side of […]

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Your Scrapbook Page Focal Point Doesn’t Have to Be A Photo

A successful scrapbook page captures the viewer’s attention, controls the eye’s movement, conveys information, and evokes emotion. That first task–capturing the eye’s attention–is the work of making a focal point. Photos are most often the focal points on scrapbook pages. They don’t have to be, though. Depending upon your story and the materials you’re working with you could make […]

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