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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Trendy Brush Script Elements

A recent trend in print, fashion, and decor is to use ink and brushstrokes to create bold typography that’s a prominent part of a design. For your scrapbook page storytelling you can use it to draw attention, tell your story, and–as Amy Kingsford suggests–”date stamp” your page with a current trend. We’ve collected brush script […]

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Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Cut-Paper Collage

Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Cut-Paper Collage

Scrapbook page storytelling that’s done with a mix of both the obvious and the hinted-at engages the viewer or reader at a deeper level. On these pages we have scrapbooking ideas for supporting the clearly explained parts of a story with cut-paper collage.  Carrie Arick says, “This page is about my reputation as a (crazy) cat […]

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6 Storytelling Approaches for the Scrapbook Page

We frequently share scrapbooking ideas for storytelling at Get It Scrapped. Here’s a closer look at six recent storytelling articles. Follow the links below to team members’ personal blogs and youtube channels where you can see extended technique, storytelling, and product details about layouts accompanying our storytelling articles.   1. Tell A Story with Numbers You […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Storytelling and Design with the Constellation Motif

Find scrapbooking ideas when you connect the “constellation dots.” Star constellations let us find order in chaos, to make patterns out of randomness, and the motif offers opportunities to: support story (from looking to the stars, to going places, to having a story written in the stars), add sparkly bits, and give order to scatters.  Tell of a parent’s […]

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