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Scrapbook Page Storytelling When Setting is Key

Some photos and scrapbook page stories are all about place. When setting is key to your story, extend it from the photos out onto the canvas with these scrapbooking ideas. And remember: the basic building blocks of written story–character, plot, and setting–can all be incorporated into scrapbook page storytelling. Vicki Hibbins says, “This layout shows my […]

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Visual Storytelling on Scrapbook Pages with Character, Setting, and Plot

Today we’re oomphing our scrapbook page storytelling by incorporating basic building blocks of the best written stories: character, setting, and plot. 1. Character: The characters are the subjects in your photos, the people you’re sending a message to, or telling a story about. You might even be the main character of your scrapbook page story. […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking with Free Public Domain Images

Free public domain images make great embellishment pieces for telling your scrapbook page stories–especially when you choose them to complement your photos and other page elements. You can find public domain illustrations by searching Google or Pinterest. You can also get started right her on a Pinterest Board of images we’ve gathered. See scrapbook pages from our […]

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Ideas for Editing Your Poor-Quality Photos with Apps, Actions and Techniques

  The days of regretting a poor photo result are over. Software solutions make it easy to improve that under- or over-exposed, yellowed, or blurry shot. See how the Get It Scrapped Creative Team fixed up their poor photos and got them onto the scrapbook page.   Photoshop Elements Levels, Hue & Saturation, Brightness & […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Full-Width and Full-Height Photos

The full-width and full-height photo sizes is a great format for scrapbook page storytelling. The popularity of “Pocket Page” and “Project Life” scrapbooking has gotten scrapbookers working certain photo sizes over and over. First it was the 3″x4″ format. More recently, the 6″ x 12″ pocket size has gotten us working “full-height” and “full-width” photo formats. […]

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Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling | Get It Scrapped

Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling

The story sharing and photo sharing you do on social media can provide a great resource for making scrapbook pages. It means you’ve already identified moments as share-worthy and found photos to represent those moments. You might even have edited and cropped the photos and written notes using apps and tools. All of this pre-scrapbook processing […]

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