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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Badges | Get It Scrapped

Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Badges

Badges tell a story visually, and that makes them great for embellishing scrapbook pages and scrapbook page storytelling. While a police badge looks a whole lot different from a Girl Scout badge, the two are both small accessories that represent and convey information. See how our Creative Team used badges on their scrapbook pages (and take a […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Storytelling and Design with the Constellation Motif

Find scrapbooking ideas when you connect the “constellation dots.” Star constellations let us find order in chaos, to make patterns out of randomness, and the motif offers opportunities to: support story (from looking to the stars, to going places, to having a story written in the stars), add sparkly bits, and give order to scatters.  Tell of a parent’s […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Including Memorabilia on Layouts about Entertaining

Whether the next get together you host is a big party or a small family celebration, keep an eye out for memorabilia to scrapbook with the photos. Shopping lists, menus, invitations, and guest lists are a few of the pieces you might include–just as the Get It Scrapped Creative Team has done here. Kristy T says, […]

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Ideas for Copic Marker Coloring on Scrapbook Layout Embellishments

Just about any surface can be colored with Copic markers and Copic ink–including metals, plastics, wood veneer, and fabric–because of the alcohol base in the ink. Below are ideas for coloring your alphas, paper flowers, stamped images, and even crystals and paper flowers. color coordinate your page with Copic markers Michelle Houghton says, “This layout commemorates […]

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Sian Fair Makes Scrapbook Layouts with Charming Details | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

Sian Fair has been making scrapbook layouts with charming details as far back as she can remember, perhaps without even thinking about it, but today she’ll share more about why and how she incorporates charm on her pages.  Sians’s cool thing right now is adding charming details to her scrapbook pages.   Sian says, “I […]

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Ideas for Embellishing Scrapbook Pages with Monograms

Use a monogram for embellishing scrapbook pages and you’ll be on-trend. See the scrapbooking ideas below, and then get creative with techniques and materials to make your own one-of-a-kind embellishment.   use an oversized die-cut monogram to hold your journaling Katie Scott says, “I am planning to put this page at the end of an album […]

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