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Build Your Own Suite of Favorite Fonts for Scrapbook Page Titles

Text is a great tool for telling stories on the scrapbook page–both because of the content you can include and because the typeface used to render it can tell a story. A typeface has a personality. With a change in typeface, you can go from formal to casual, from serious to funny, from stylish to conservative, from modern to […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Trendy Brush Script Elements

A recent trend in print, fashion, and decor is to use ink and brushstrokes to create bold typography that’s a prominent part of a design. For your scrapbook page storytelling you can use it to draw attention, tell your story, and–as Amy Kingsford suggests–“date stamp” your page with a current trend. We’ve collected brush script […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Telling A Story with Numbers

A successful scrapbook page does four things. It: captures the viewer’s attention, controls the eye’s movement, conveys information, and evokes emotion. The traditional way to do this is with a balanced combination of text, photos, color and motif. Here’s a way to shake up your approach: rely on numbers to tell a story with power. Lise Mariann Alsli says, “This page […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Ransom-Note Titlework

Mix up your titlework with these scrapbooking ideas for ransom titles. Ransom titles are inspired by the look of a stereotypical ransom note in which the message is made with letters or even words cut from a magazine or newspaper so that the author’s handwriting cannot be identified. On scrapbook layouts, they can represent fun, […]

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6 Scrapbooking Ideas for Telling Your Story with High-Impact Type Treatments

Type makes language visible, and is an important tool for telling scrapbook page stories. Read on for scrapbooking ideas to combine alphas, typefaces, word meaning, color, and size to create both a strong visual element and a story-telling tool.  1. Use sayings and quotes  Kim Watson says, “Sometimes we take ourselves far too seriously, and need […]

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