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3 Angles for Scrapbooked Storytelling About Coffee and Tea in Your Life

  In addition to scrapbooking those photos you take without thinking, take time, also, to stage photos for scrapbooked storytelling about the constant aspects of your life — like the drinking of tea and coffee. Here are three story angles for recording the drinking of tea and coffee.   1. scrapbook personal tea- and coffee-drinking […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Personalizing Layouts about the Places You Love

Is there a place that has your heart? Is there a location with unique characteristics that you’re passionate about? Personalize a scrapbook page about a loved location by incorporating details that are unique to the location. Try: city/country seals “official” motifs (like flowers, mascots, bird, animals, dances, colors . . .) slogans or mottos artwork […]

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Everyday Storytelling with Modern Media

Everyday storytelling is at its best when you include indicators of current times. One aspect of current times is technology. It affects your tools, your play, your work, and your relationships. On the Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast this week Noell Hyman asked the panel to talk about scrapbooking “modern media” both recording how we use technology today and how […]

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