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Scrapbooking Ideas for Personalizing Layouts about the Places You Love

Is there a place that has your heart? Is there a location with unique characteristics that you’re passionate about? Personalize a scrapbook page about a loved location by incorporating details that are unique to the location. Try: city/country seals “official” motifs (like flowers, mascots, bird, animals, dances, colors . . .) slogans or mottos artwork […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Glamping’s Juxtapositions of Nature and Elegance

Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Glamping’s Juxtapositions of Nature and Elegance

The newly-popular ‘glamping’ trend offers up a wealth scrapbooking ideas for choosing color, motif, texture, and pattern for scrapbook layouts. Glamping refers to vacationing in nature, but with amenities not typically associated with camping–glamorous camping.  The reason “glamping” style offers great inspiration for your designs is because of the juxtapositions of nature and elegance it presents. […]

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Ideas and Angles for Scrapbooking Your Outdoor Travel and Outings

Travel and local outings to spots in the great outdoors offer great scrapbooking opportunities. There’s so much to photograph including the land, the people, their activities and the stories of what happens on the outing. The layouts that follow show you ideas for doing all of these things. Show scale  |  Capture activities  |  Tell […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking Beach Photos

Scrapbooking a beach outing? Take a look at these pages from our creative team and MSD teachers, and pay attention to: colors products photo crops layout design, and embellishment And then check out embellishing quotes and beach fonts in our Quickstart Series. On “The Most Beautiful Beach in The World,” Marie-Pierre Capistran created a small scene with Silhouette die […]

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