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Scrapbooking Ideas for Personalizing Layouts about the Places You Love

Is there a place that has your heart? Is there a location with unique characteristics that you’re passionate about? Personalize a scrapbook page about a loved location by incorporating details that are unique to the location. Try: city/country seals “official” motifs (like flowers, mascots, bird, animals, dances, colors . . .) slogans or mottos artwork […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Getting Your Story Told with Selfies

Set yourself a challenge this month to take a photo of yourself–a “selfie”–and use it to tell your story. See the photograph and story angles our team and MSD teachers have taken in the scrapbook layouts here. A great resource and inspiration for taking a self-portrait is the “Getting Over Ourselves”episode of The Digi Show. […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking A Favorite Personal Indulgence

Scrapbooking a little personal indulgence that you give yourself is FUN. First: you indulge. Second: you take a fun photo of that indulgence. Third, you relive the indulgence as you spend time with its memory making a page that doesn’t require getting lots of photos onto the canvas or coming up with extensive journaling or […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking Your Goals

Writing down your goals makes it more likely you’ll achieve them. We’ve got ideas for recording current goals on your scrapbook pages.  Marie-Pierre Capistran says, “Usually, when I set goals, I think of 10 different things, but I get nothing out of it because it’s just too many and I can’t focus. This time I decided […]

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Using Round-ups on Your Scrapbook Pages

Collecting related photos onto one page achieves several things: it allows you to see both the “trees” and the “forest” it reveals the patterns in your life over time it is a great way to scrapbooking more photos efficiently A trend isn’t a trend until it’s been happening for a while, and you don’t always […]

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