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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Doris Sander’s Layouts

Studying scrapbook pages by others is a great way to get scrapbooking ideas for growing your own style. In this “study” look at how the other scrapbooker has used product and design principles and how she’s handled the 5 parts of a scrapbook page (canvas, photos, title, journaling, embellishments). Our creative team studied pages by Doris Sander and shares what […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Overprint Techniques

We found great scrapbooking ideas –and a product and technique challenge for you–from something we spotted in print materials like posters and packaging: overprinting. This is the process, in repographics, of printing one color on top of another. Using overprinting inspiration from around the web, our creative team, took the challenge, and they share a number of ways […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Including Memorabilia on Layouts about Entertaining

Whether the next get together you host is a big party or a small family celebration, keep an eye out for memorabilia to scrapbook with the photos. Shopping lists, menus, invitations, and guest lists are a few of the pieces you might include–just as the Get It Scrapped Creative Team has done here. Kristy T says, […]

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Ideas for Using Botanical Patterns on Scrapbook Layouts

Botanical and zoological prints have an old-fashioned look that fits well with many scrapbook layout subjects–and that just looks beautiful as you’ll see in the scrapbooking ideas here. Illustrations made for scientific purposes — botanical and zoological — have a beauty that merges with decorative goals, and you can find wallpaper, upholstery, and clothing featuring […]

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6 Scrapbooking Ideas for Telling Your Story with High-Impact Type Treatments

Type makes language visible, and is an important tool for telling scrapbook page stories. Read on for scrapbooking ideas to combine alphas, typefaces, word meaning, color, and size to create both a strong visual element and a story-telling tool.  1. Use sayings and quotes  Kim Watson says, “Sometimes we take ourselves far too seriously, and need […]

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Go-to Embellishing Approaches Make Scrapbooking Easier

by Debbie Hodge Knowing what you’re good at and what you like makes getting scrapbook pages made easier. Know what your masteries and aesthetic preferences are and work them. See how our team and teachers describe their “go-to” embellishment approaches–and, as you do, consider what your favorite approaches are and how you can leverage them […]

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Meme Trends and Old Photos

by Tami Taylor Richard Dawkins originated the concept of “meme” (short for the Greek mimeme, “to imitate”) as a way to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. He cited melodies, catch-phrases, and fashion as memes. With current technology, memes now take the form of images, videos, and hashtags. These memes are passed electronically […]

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