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Scrapbooking Ideas for Layered Stencilwork

  Adding layered stencilwork to your scrapbook layouts and art journaling pages is a great way to make them original–one of a kind. You’ve got motif, medium, dimension, texture, color, direction and more to work with.   create a foundation of layered stencilwork Kristy T says, “I explore the mixed feelings about my youngest child growing up […]

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Scrapbook Layout Designs Inspired by Woodland Scenes

Woodland motifs–like acorns, deer, owl, fox, forest scenes, and stag–are great for scrapbook layout designs of outdoor scenes, holidays, and child play. There’s plenty of woodland inspiration to be found in decor, storybooks, stationery, and even fashion. The scrapbook pages here look to more than the motifs for inspiration — rather, they pull from the […]

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6 Creative Techniques for Scrapbooking with Plaid Patterned Paper | Get It Scrapped

6 Creative Techniques for Scrapbooking with Plaid Patterned Paper

Plaids, checks, and prints have been trending in fashion for the last couple of years, and designers continue to get creative with plaid designs and mixes in 2014. How creative can you get with plaid patterns on your scrapbook pages? We’ve got ideas for you to copy or use to jumpstart your own original designs.  […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas Inspired by Artsy Portraits

So many scrapbook page stories are told with photos of people — with portraits. Look closely at those faces and the tools and techniques you like to use and get inspired by artsy portraits for the next page you make. We did! And we’ve got the results.  Get inspired by these pages and the artsy portraits […]

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Ideas for Adding Crafty Handmade Touches to Your Scrapbook Layouts

Give your scrapbook layouts personalized, must-touch appeal by adding handmade touches from other crafts. See how our team has used inspiration and techniques from quilting, crochet, embroidery, paper-cutting and jewelry making to their scrapbook pages, and be sure to see their tips for your layouts. embroidery Sian Fair says, “When I was a teenager I had […]

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Ideas for Peek-a-Boo Elements on Layered Scrapbook Layouts

The next time you’re layering on your scrapbook layouts, add “peek-a-boo” elements, pieces you can see through or that have cut-out-openings. Try transparencies, mixed media, digital blending, punches and negative cuts. are Layers that let you see through to the layer below add eye-catching dimension and are a great way to incorporate patterns, colors, and […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas and Techniques for Watercolor Treatments

With fashion imitating art, we’ve seen light airy shades of color in paintbrush strokes on the runway, on textiles for the home and on papergoods. The result is a soft and flowing effect that works well for creating mood and adding color to scrapbook page designs. See scrapbooking ideas and techniques for adding this look […]

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Make Openwork Layers with Paper and Digital Welding Techniques

by Debbie Hodge With the rise in popularity of digital cutting machines the word “weld” has come to have a new meaning for papercrafters. Welding has come to refer to when elements are connected so that they can be cut as one piece even though there are openings. The resulting “cut” usually has thin borders […]

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How to Make Patterned Transparency Triangles in Photoshop

by Debbie Hodge I interviewed Corrie Jones for Masterful Scrapbook Design recently and among the many details on her pages that we admired and wanted to lift were the wonky-cut transparency triangles bordering the bottom of her page. In this video tutorial, I show you how to cut the triangles, create and shadow tranparencies or […]

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How to Cut and Punch Paper in Photoshop to Make Digital Scrapbook Pages

by Debbie Hodge Since the launch of the Scrapbook Coach series, I’ve gotten great feedback and questions. One thing asked by several is about cutting digital papers in Photoshop to make a page. Oftentimes when we start a new hobby–like Digital Scrapbooking–it’s hard to find the how-tos for the most basic things. Those teaching us […]

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