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you've got instant access to hundreds of ideas
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The all-access pass to a growing library of classes includes a new series in 2018: "Translating Inspiration" plus a big existing library of classes:

Masterful Scrapbook Design 42 eBooks and 200+ interview recordings with guest teachers cover basic and advanced design and storytelling topics.

Scrapbook Coach 22 classes with 88 videos step you through making pages using go-to designs--and you get lessons and ideas for titlework, embellishing, and choosing and mixing colors and patterns.

Story + Design 9 eBooks and 27 videos provide in-depth storytelling prompts and advanced design lessons with 20+ guest teachers.


Will you start mastering key design
and storytelling approaches?

Every month get an "over-the-shoulder" look at how guest teachers create. You'll soak up the advanced design and storytelling skills they use.

So what will it be? Will you give yourself this time to zoom forward with your own scrapbook design mastery? 

I am always excited to get email from Get It Scrapped because it always contains something great – announcement of a webinar, ideas for making pages, design concepts or a new class. I usually save it for last like you would a treat.

You do a fabulous job with the Membership products–well, actually with everything: customer service, the webinars, just everything. The new Look Book is phenomenal! I can only imagine the hours you put in linking up all the designers with their videos and pages.

I think long and hard before making buying decisions and I have always felt I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth at Get It Scrapped. – Janet K.

I've been a GIS member for quite a while now and love it more every day. I spent a couple of evenings last week going through the Story + Design materials, and I have to tell you it's probably one of the best collections yet. 

The story prompts were terrific! In fact as I was going through them and doing my own journaling, I asked my husband who was reading next to me what came to mind when he considered each prompt, and it generated some of the best conversations we've had in a long time. Now I can't wait to take all that journaling and use it with each of the design techniques.  -- Julie Cannon

a value-packed {and growing} library of
scrapboking ideas and instruction

>> for both paper and digital scrapbookers <<

5 "Start-Here"
Learning Tracks

5 Learning Tracks take you from beginning designer to savvy visual storyteller. 2 dozen short videos teach the basics and advanced techniques of design, give you inspiration and starting places, and show you how to have fun with this craft.

New Classes and Live Webinars
Every Month

Every  month is a new class that teaching layout design and scrapbook page storytelling. Monthly live webinars with guests take you into new areas of memory keeping, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and creative planning.

Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks & Themed LookBooks

45+ eBooks on focused design and page-part topics like color, embellishing, style, photos, story, tension and much much more. They are beautifully designed and full of layouts made by an ever-changing team of guest designers. Read on computer or mobile devices or print out these high-resolution beauties.

200+ Page Sketches &
Layered Templates

An ever-growing library of page sketches and layered templates for Photoshop is searchable by number of photos. Designs are based on designer pages made for the Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks and the Scrapbook Coach stepped-out lessons.

Video Interviews

Over 280 recorded interviews and office-hours/critique sessions are designed to inspire and instruct, getting you inside the creative process of our teachers and members.  It's the opportunity to see designing minds at work. New webinars and office hours sessions are added regularly.

Scrapbook Coach Video Lessons

22 classes with 88 video lessons teach you to start with a  common page foundation and then shake it up to make great-looking scrapbook pages efficiently. You work one page shape multiple times, with variations in product and patterned paper choices, number of photos, and title and embellishment treatments. You become skilled — and fast — at designing pages that tell your stories and pack a visual punch.


Each month in the Get It Scrapped membership, we're digging into a new series of classes that teach design and storytelling while giving you new ideas and motivation to scrapbook.

Each volume show you how to use a particular source of inspiration that any of you can find in your daily life. Inspo sources include home decor, packaging, storefronts (or "curb appeal"), fashion, crafts and more.

In each class, three guest teachers take you "inspo hunting" with them and show you how to apply inspiration to your storytelling, your layout composition, and small design touches.


Scrapbook Page Parts Idea & Design Compendium

Start with FIVE basic scrapbook page parts . . . 
. . . create 1000s of layout variations 

The "Scrapbook Page Parts Idea & Design Compendium" is your design how-to and idea guide to five page parts with 150+ scrapbook page examples created by over a dozen paper and digital guest designers.

New lessons are posted daily AND we've got a live webinar focusing on the days topic with guest designers.

> Canvas. Monday, May 7 with Tracey Fox at 7PM ET.

> Photos. Tuesday, May 8 with Lynn Grieveson at 7pm ET.

> Journaling. Wednesday, May 9 with Jennifer Gallacher at 1PM ET.

> Titles. Thursday, May 10 with Cara Vincens at 4PM ET.

> Embellishment. Friday, May 11 with Lynnette Wilkins at 2PM ET.


Here's a closer look at what you get in a Get It Scrapped membership.


If you're not more inspired to scrapbook -- and more pleased and proud of your designs after using the Get It Scrapped membership classes--let us know within 30 days of purchase, to cancel and receive a refund. No questions asked. It's a promise. 

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    • Includes 280+ recorded interviews
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    • Access to complete library of 80+
    • New classes and new live webinars
      every month.
    • Includes 200+ layered templates and
      page sketches.
    • Includes 280+ recorded interviews
      with guest designers.

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