Scrapbooking Ideas | give your photos stories & give your stories a home

Use the 500+ organized scrapbooking ideas here for your photobooks, digital and paper scrapbook pages, and telling your photos’ stories. The ideas here come from a variety of sources, from using new product and techniques to springboarding off the trends — from sources like wedding, fashion, and home decor —  that translate to the page.

Finding Ideas

In our series “Motivated To Scrapbook,” see the ideas, techniques and approaches that have our creative team inspired and creating. Additional series share Pinterest Boards for Scrapbookers and Liftable Ideas. Shown here is Marie-Pierre Capistran loving watercolor right now.

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Ideas from Design

Learning about layout design and challenging yourself to incorporate a variety of design approaches is a great way to find your style and new ideas. Shown here is Lisa Dickinson putting her design on an angle for a new compositional approach.

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Trend-Driven Ideas

What’s trendy? We’re keeping an eye on it and showing you how we put those trends to work in order to find new ideas for our scrapbook pages. Shown here is Michelle Hernandez digging the cityscape motif.

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Product & Technique Ideas

Diecuts, welding, washi tape, and chalkboard tape are a few of the products and techniques that have recently got us making pages with new looks. Shown here is Leah Farquharson using tassels on a page.

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Subject Ideas

We’ve got ideas and prompts for scrapbooking a variety of topics including events, everyday life, yourself, your places, and more. Here, Michelle Houghton scrapbooks for our roundup on scrapbooking bikes.

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Ideas for Titles

Big titles, short titles, titles from movies, titles from your journaling, titles that use your stash and new techniques. We’ve got ’em. Here, Emily Pitts shows us how to make a big title that works with the visuals on the page.

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Ideas for Photos

From working with one photo to 10+ photos on one and two-page spreads, with new, old, color and black-and-whites, we’ve got examples and ideas. Here Barb Brookbank designs with square photos.

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Ideas for Journaling

See our lessons on writing, our prompts for getting the words on the page and even lessons on rendering the journaling to strengthen design. Here Sue Althouse, merges her journaling right into her title and back out again.

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Ideas for Embellishing

We cover go-to embellishments and push you to try new things — like BIG embellishments or feathers or tassels, all the while sharing the design principles that make placement of them effortless. Here, Amber Ries, tops off a digital cooking page with a big dimensional cookie cutter.

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