Scrapbook page parts: photos

In the vast majority of scrapbook pages, photos are a key element. They vie with journaling for being the most important aspect of the page.

Taking photos

Before You Press the Shutter: Four Ways to Improve Your Photography

5 tips for scrapbookers on taking everyday life photos

Ideas for scrapbooking retro photos and memories from the 60s, 70s, and 80s

Organizing photos

Organizing Your Photos

Organizing Photos from Events

Organizing Everyday Life Photos

Which photos?

How to select events photos for scrapbooking

Cropping and editing photos

Cropping Photos of People for Scrapbooking

Speed Scrapbook Page Design with Smart Crops

Scrapbooking Photos with Busy Backgrounds

10 Quick Ways to Make Over Your Photos

Smart crops for multi-photo scrapbook pages

Photo placement

3 Questions to ask yourself when starting a scrapbook page

Creating a Focal Point (Photo) on Scrapbook Pages

3 design starters for 3-photo scrapbook pages

Blur the lines between photo and canvas for scrapbook page design oomph

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