by Tami Taylor

The 2nd installment of a project in which Tami embarks upon a year-long quest (inspired by the Julie/Julia Project) to use the Get It Scrapped! book and website to Get It Scrapped!). Get It Scrapped!: Organize, Visualize, Create.  First edition, 2008.  Written by Debbie Hodge.  The book that began it all for a fun online community. You can buy the book at, The F+W Media Book Store, and many local Joann’s and AC Moore stores (don’t forget your 40% off coupons for those local stores!).


Organize your scrapbooking stories.

By now I hope you’ve made progress in organizing your photos.   Remember it’s an ongoing process; just keep doing it a few minutes each day.

This month we are going to organize our story.  This is a sidestep from the book itself.  When I read Debbie’s book, visit her blog, or view any of her layouts, I’m always captivated by the stories she shares.  I wonder how she always remembers such details and nuances of the moments.   I would swear she is scrapbooking while the moment is happening.  I ask myself, how can I better capture my stories?  How can I get my layouts to feel like I’m in the moment?

Write it down.

This isn’t new advice–the best advice rarely ever is, but it’s good advice.  My process began simply with pen and paper.  I am a notebook aficionado.  I love notebooks.  When I first started scrapbooking, I started with one notebook in my purse.  Then I realized it was easier to have another notebook on my nightstand than to remember where my purse was downstairs.  My one notebook became several.  Currently, I have a notebook on my nightstand, several on my scrapbook desk, a small one in my purse, and another larger one on my kitchen counter.    I also have a drawer full of notebooks waiting to be used.  In addition to my notebooks, I’ve left myself phone messages, so later when I have time I can add them to my notebooks.  I’ve emailed myself and often use my blog as a place to write down my stories.

The flaw in this method is finding the story I want to scrapbook, when I want to scrapbook it.  Around the same time I first received Debbie’s book, I was coming to the realization that I was accumulating a library of stories with no Dewey Decimal System.  On top of the several notebooks I’d accumulated, I also had a box of memorabilia, old school papers and art projects from my children that I wanted to incorporate onto my pages.  I realized it was no small coincidence that Debbie’s first chapter was “Get Organized” and I made a plan to tackle these odds and ends of my story.

Keep your stories organized.

My method is the 3-ring binder method.  I keep all of my stories in a regular 3-ring binder.  First, I purchased a few binders and a box of sheet protectors.  Then, I went through my box of saved items and put them in the sheet protectors.   I have one binder for my kids’ everyday life and another binder that holds family items.  Periodically, I go through my notebook putting each used page into it.  If they go with other items in the binder then I put them in that sheet protector.  Otherwise, they get their own sheet protector.  Now I have a binder full of my family’s stories that I can easily grab when I’m ready to scrapbook.


For larger pieces of memorabilia or art projects you can scan or take a photo of the piece, then resize and print on smaller paper.  Or take a photo of the piece with someone holding it.  The person who went to the zoo holds up the zoo map, or the artist holds up their painting.}

How do you organize your story?

Where do you keep your memorabilia, school papers or other such items?

Leave us a message here and visit our forums to share your method.


Tami Taylor writes for Get It Scrapped!, teaches at Masterful Scrapbook Design and previously owned Creative Passion To learn more about Tami check out her blog, The Taylor Life.