The Get It Scrapped Project #7: Scrapbooking Collections

by Tami Taylor

This is the 7th installment of a project in which Tami embarks upon a year-long quest (inspired by the Julie/Julia Project) to use the Get It Scrapped! book and website to get scrapbooking done. This month Tami’s focus is on Chapter 4 of Get It Scrapped: Get Collections Scrapped.

I would say that scrapbooking collections of photos is my favorite thing to do, but I imagine someone going back through posts I’ve made here or in the forums to find every time I’ve said something is my favorite.  I guess I should stop saying it and stick with the fact that sharing anything is my favorite.  I love this venue of art.  Scrapbooking allows us to share a part of a person or subject that is intimate to us, or to convey to the viewer that we too know something about the subject that they know.

This is why I love collections.  I love sharing some intricate detail about a person that the viewer doesn’t know.

Journaling: Amanda taught Zach this funny face when he wasn't even two. I didn't realize how much he makes it until I was sorting photos one day.

The layout above was a pleasant bonus to organizing my photos back in January at the onset of this project.  As I reorganized my digital photos and learned more about tagging photos in Photo Shop Elements, I was able to pull up all photos of Zach.  This face immediately stood out.  Now I see so many collections in my photos.  This month I challenge you to take some time and go through your photos and find your collections.  Look for:

  • Family Traits. Do certain family members share the same eyes, nose or hands?
  • Similar expressions.  Does everyone give the same scowl or cheeky smile?
  • Similar physical attributes. Do you have pictures of people sleeping, sitting or standing in the same position?
  • Fashion. Does everyone make their own fashion statement?  Are there shared favorites or perhaps hand-me-downs each child was stuck wearing?
  • Landscapes. Do you have several pictures of the same little cabin you vacation in every summer?
  • Milestones.  Do you have a picture of everyone’s first steps or everyone’s high school graduation?
  • Collections.  Do you have a collection of photos of your collections?  Purses, decor, coins, et. al?
  • Time.  Do you have photos from each year of a person’s life or a period of their life?
  • Repetition.  Does a certain activity get photographed repeatedly, whether it’s a holiday or dad snoozing in a chair?
  • Love & hugs. Do you have a collection pictures of people together?  Husband and wife, brothers, best friends?

Once you start thinking in terms of collections you’ll start seeing them more and more in your photos.  Even now as I write this I am thinking of that last one and a collection of photos I have of my eldest son who went through a period where to get a photograph taken he would put his arm around the nearest person.  It is definitely in my pile of collections and this month I will Get It Scrapped!

When you’ve found your collections come share them or the layouts you create with them in the forums or in the gallery.


Tami Taylor writes for Get It Scrapped!, teaches at Masterful Scrapbook Design and previously owned Creative Passion To learn more about Tami check out her blog, The Taylor Life.




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    thanks Irene!


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