30 Photos to take this Thanksgiving | Katrina Kennedy’s list

 by Katrina Kennedy

What photos will you be taking for Thanksgiving?

I plan on photographing small details, faces, and the entire table. This is the year I get a photo of my husband, his dad, and Ian, a long over due photo.

Here’s my Thanksgiving shot list — and you can download a printable pdf of it for your own inspiration: Katrina Kennedy’s Thanksgiving Shot List.

1. The kitchen before cooking begins
2. Pie ingredients
3. Pie before entering the oven
4. Pie from above
5. Pie from the side
6. Fresh cranberries
7. The can of cranberries (ok, its not Thanksgiving without
the can)
8. The green cranberry dish (a family heirloom)
9. The table set, ready for everyone to be seated
10. An individual place setting
11. Place markers
12. Candles
13. My favorite cook book propped between ingredients
14. My dinner plate, filled
15. Ian’s plate (fun to compare how he changes over time)
16. Everyone seated at the table (if they cooperate)
17. The clock (to mark the time we eat dinner)
18. Our special turkey centerpiece
19. Our thankful leaves
20. My In-laws
21. A three generation shot of the boys (I’ve needed to take
this one for a long time)
22. A piece of pie on a plate
23. Brussel sprouts
24. Green beans
25. A glass of wine
26. A bottle of wine
27. An empty wine bottle
28. Our traditional, family self portrait
29. The kitchen aftermath
30. My happy, sleeping child


Katrina Kennedy is a photographer, teacher, author, and a mom. She is passionate about documenting the everyday moments of her life. Visit CaptureYour365 for ideas+inspiration+support for your everyday photography.


3 Responses to 30 Photos to take this Thanksgiving | Katrina Kennedy’s list

  1. Cheryl November 24, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    Katrina, this is wonderful! I’m always trying to think what I should capture and I’ll begin today while baking my pumpkin pies! Thanks so much for sharing this list!

  2. Donna G. November 24, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Thanks, Katrina! I’ve printed this list and have it ready to go tomorrow. Dear friends have invited the 7 of us who are in town to join them for Thanksgiving. They will be thrilled to see I have a list so I can take even more photos than normal. =) It really is a great list!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. TamiTaylor November 24, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    oh my goodness.. LOVE this & love you hope you have a good thanksgiving!

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