A look at the 20 most read articles at Get It Scrapped in 2010 shows us that you like articles with practical how-tos for memory keeping. The great thing is: that’s what we love writing! Thanks so much for your visits, links, class purchases, and Masterful Design subscriptions.

Our 20 most read articles in 2010

6 tips for using patterned paper on your backgrounds by Debbie Hodge

6 tips for getting started with copic markers by Michelle Houghton

Where scrapbook ideas come from: lesson #1 by Debbie Hodge

How to make a “photobooth” photostrip by Paula Gilarde

How to study scrapbook pages by others to get ideas for your own pages by Debbie Hodge

Understanding art journaling – 7 links to get you started by Debbie Hodge

Scrapbook your story #1: you now by Debbie Hodge

How to get accurate placement of stamped images by Sharyn Tormanen

How to draw a celtic knot pattern by Michelle Houghton

4 formulas for generating scrapbook page titles you’ll love by Debbie Hodge

Copic marker shading with printable flower by Michelle Houghton

10 ideas for placing scrapbook journaling on your page by Debbie Hodge

One month at a time: prompts for scrapbooking January by Tami Taylor

8 ideas for placing embellishments on the scrapbook page by Debbie Hodge

Make a sweet paper dress garland for spring by Trish Turay

5 tips for taking everyday life photos by Debbie Hodge

Scrapbooking past times: online resources for jogging your memory by Debbie hodge

6 ways to organize ribbon for scrapbooking by Amy Kingsford

Layer it on: ideas for making rich scrapbook pages with layers and collage by Debbie Hodge

Get the look: translate bohemian styles to your scrapbook pages by Debbie Hodge