• It’s about getting creative with fonts and alphabets.
  • It’s about selecting typefaces that support your story and mix well with everything else on the page.
  • It’s about the personality a typeface can have and using it to set mood.
  • It’s as much about using type to get stunning looks on grungy and freestyle pages as it is about using type on clean and graphic pages.
  • It’s about the synergy of shape, line, and meaning when type is “set” to work with every element on the page.

This month’s issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design focuses on Typography. Yes, you will get a review and reference for type alignment, leading, tracking, kerning, and typeface selection.

And then you’ll get real value: ideas, how-tos, and sources for designing masterfully with type.

The teachers for this topic are Tiffany Tillman, Lisa Dickinson, Emily Pitts, Paula Gilarde, and Anna Aspnes, and they are generous with their favorite tricks and sources, showing you how to:

  • make a border of type using Word or Photoshop
  • combine fonts to make your own original typeface
  • get “letter-press” looks with Photoshop techniques,
  • use type like patterned paper,
  • and much more.

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