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Styleavailable immediately

Lisa Dickinson, Leah Farquharson, Audrey Neal, Emily Pitts, and Sara Gleason share their thoughts about their own style and the process they used to evolve it.

  • The difference between fashion and style.
  • The elements of a personal style.
  • Understanding your style DNA and whether or not to change it.
  • Style benefits.
  • Your inspirations and personal aesthetic.
  • Understanding masteries and frustrations and their impact on style.
  • 6 ways to evolve and develop your style.
  • Making trends work with your style.

On Trendavailable immediately 

Some trends you love and some leave you scratching your head. Designers for top digital and paper scrapbooking manufacturers show you their approach to watching and using trends. See how Tiffany Tillman, Kim Watson, Amber Ries, Doris Sander and Corrie Jones stay true to their own style and, at the same, leverage trends for fresh approaches to the page.

  • Forecasting trends and spotting trends are two different things.
  • How to be a trendspotter.
  • Why trends arise at a particular time.
  • How trends manifest in scrapbooking.
  • Using trendy motifs, patterns, materials, technique, and color.
  • Making trends your own.
  • Keeping a timeless look while using trendy elements.
  • Digital trends.
  • Current trend: Instagram.
Old Photos – 200+ page pdf/e-zine available immediately. Interviews will be complete by end of November.
While it might be hard to get started scrapbooking your old photos, these ideas and insight will have you motivated and enjoying putting those stories and images on the page. Doris Sander, Pattie Knox, Betsy Sammarco and Jana Morton share their old photos and favorite approaches for scrapbooking them. Special webinar with Jenni Bowlin.
  • Why old photos matter and family legends.
  • Researching old photos.
  • Working with memorabilia.
  • Making connections.
  • Vintage and decade-specific looks.
  • Personal History.
  • Artistic effects with blending.
  • Ornaments from old photos.
  • Make a memorial album.
  • Meme trends and old photos.
Layoutavailable December 5th

The approaches to balance, white space, focal points, and flow that yield great looking pages. Understand our designers’ tried and true compositions — and then use that understanding to leverage your own go-to layouts. With Summer Fullerton, Kelly Noel, Lynnette Penacho, Tiffany Tillman.

Top 10available January 9th

Learn about our guest teachers’ top product and technique choices, photo treatments, and approaches to journaling, layout, titlework and embellishing. Get tips and ideas for your own pages and find out why these approaches are favored and what makes them great for scrapbook pages that record your stories. With Lisa Dickinson, Amanda Jones, Anna Aspnes, Dina Wakley, and Krista Sahlin.

Oomph and Polish available February 6th

Punch up theme, take design principles that bit farther, explore our designers’ secret sauces and hear the advice they most frequently find a page that’s missing “oomph” needs.  With Celeste Smith, Doris Sander, Leah Farquharson and Corrie Jones.