New class for stepping up your scrapbook page designs

design techniques for stepping up your scrapbook pages.

You’ve read about design principles, and you’re using your knowledge of them to make your pages, and, still, you feel like you could make better pages.

You’re adding repetitions with variety, you have a focal point, everything is visually balanced, and, yet, your pages don’t feel remarkable.

Is there more? Are there rules no one’s telling you about?

yes. there is more. . . .

and I’m sharing 10 ways to get that “more” in my new class, “Tension, Story, Focus and Flow.”

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Of “Tension, Story, Focus and Flow,” Emily Pitts says: If you are wondering how to step up your scrapping, you need to study with Debbie Hodge. She has an understanding of design aesthetics that floors me every time I read her writings. Having seen this class take shape from the beginning, I am HIGHLY recommending it to all scrapbookers. 

click here now and check it out

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