Get It Scrapped is 5 years old. To celebrate, we’re buying gift cards from many of our favorite suppliers of scrapbooking, printing, and photo-taking supplies and giving them to our readers. Every Wednesday for 5 weeks, we’ll announce the prize and open up the entry process for a new gift certificate / Get It Scrapped class combo. Click here to see the full schedule of giveaways.

This week

We’re giving away (2) $50 gift cards for Digital Scrapbook Supplies  and (2) MSD 2013 membership. Entry opens Weds, April 17 and closes Saturday, April 20 at midnight PT. Scroll down and enter with a simple click. Earn more entries with blog post comments, tweets, and more.

Each of the two winners will receive: 1) a $50 gift card for paper scrapbook supplies–winners may choose from online digital stores including Designer Digitals, The Lily Pad, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Scrapbook Graphics, Scrap Orchard, Pixels and Co, Scrap Matters, Jessica Sprague . . . –and 2) a 2013 Masterful Scrapbook Design membership (no refunds for previous  MSD purchases). I will post winners and email them within 48 hours of drawing completion. If you don’t see an email from me, and you’re a winner, click on CONTACT above and let me know!


Anniversary Deal

Buy these 3 issues of Masterful Scrapbook Design together and save over 50%$54 $25 through Sunday, April 21st only

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Cost: $18 [toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]


Guest teachers Summer Fullerton, Kelly Noel, Lynnette Penacho, Tiffany Tillman.

Understand our designers’ go-to compositions, including their approaches to white space, balance, and flow. See, also, how to push favorite designs for new looks. Consider a “photo-to-layout” process and the implications of color, foundations, and inspiration for layout design. Leverage all of this as you use your own favorite compositional approaches to tell your stories with photos and words. Includes 200+page e-book with 50+ annotated layouts and 4 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • From Photo to Layout
  • Go-To Designs
  • The Scrapbooker’s Guide to Prime Real Estate
  • Making Room: for photos, journaling, and white space
  • Grid Designs
  • True Colors: for meaning and pop
  • Step It Up: inspiration, challenges and new techniques
  • Translate Creative Displays To the Scrapbook Page
  • Bold Layout Foundations


Cost: $18 [toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]

Guest teachers Betsy Sammarco, Jana Morton, Doris Sander, Pattie Knox

Choose the old photos you want to scrapbook and find the stories to go with them.  Revisit your early days and those of your ancestors with story and design angles.  Match product and composition to “the times” and find the connections that add meaning to those older photos you’ve waiting to get onto the page. Includes 200+page e-book with 50+ annotated layouts and 4 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • The Appeal of Old Photos
  • The Stuff Of Family Legends
  • Researching Old Photos
  • 5 Ways To Work with Memorabilia
  • 20th Century Decades
  • Old-Fashioned Looks
  • Personal Heritage
  • Making Connections
  • Coloring Old Memories
  • Retro Memories
  • Ornaments from Vintage Photos
  • Artistic Effects with Blending Modes
  • Meme Trends andOld Photos
  • Make a Memorial Album


Cost: $18 [toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Close” title_closed=”See Details”]

Guest teachers Emily Pitts, Lisa Dickinson, Audrey Neal, Sara Gleason, Leah Farquharson

While “fashion” refers to the popular style at a certain place and time, “style” refers to the outward expression of YOUR attitude, personality, preferences and aesthetic tendencies.

Style is what makes your creations YOURS. Explore and understand your preferences, masteries, frustrations to create in your own style. If you’re interested in developing a distinctive style, we’ve got 7 activities to get you there. Includes 200+page e-book with 60+ annotated layouts and 5 video/audio interviews with guest teachers.

  • About style
  • Develop Your Style
  • Know your style: 5 style benefits
  • 5 exercises to stretch your style
  • Gather inspiration for ready use
  • Make trends work for your style
  • The right products for working your style
  • Develop your storytelling style
  • Hone your style with a single-kit approach



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