twopackspecialEach time I finish a new class . . . it’s my favorite. And that makes sense for two reasons. First: I’ve just spent days immersed in the class working to make it valuable and great to look at. Second: practice makes perfect. I get better at making things the more I do it. 

I just finished two new classes: a Story Coach class and a Scrapbook Coach class. And you can get them both together this week for $9 each!

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[twocol_one]promodiagonalbigsq225Scrapbook Coach classes each include 4 video tutorials and a pdf reference for really working a foundation — and learning about and understanding layout design, color and pattern mixing along the way.

The newest Scrapbook Coach class is #9 Diagonal — 4 ways to work with diagonal foundations on the page.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]

bookStory Coach classes each include writing prompts that get you exploring a topic  PLUS a customized writing guide for using your freewrite to record a piece of your life in words. The writing guides teach you how to structure personal memoir narratives or essays. Take these classes one-by-one and fill your journals, blogs, scrapbooks and family libraries with the stories from your life that matter and that accumulate to reveal your life.

The newest Story Coach class is #7 Gifts and it will give you ideas for several stories connected to how you gift, to gifting events in your life, hopes met, disappointments, dealt with, and your attitudes about gifting now.[/twocol_one_last]