We add a new class to the membership area every month at Get It Scrapped, and there are now 59 classes in the library. A member recently emailed me saying she loved her membership and that it was like “drinking from a fire hydrant.” It could be so we make sure the materials are well-organized and easy to access.

springlookbook - CopyWhat’s new: The Single & Pretty Look Book

Get all the details on 60+ “single and pretty” scrapbook pages: the stories you can tell, photo approaches, strategies for product that enlarges on the single-photo start, go-to foundations, and the special touches that make a singe-photo page special. This class is in both eBook and interactive formats.

Membership is low-cost and can be canceled at any time and our members rave:

 I am loving and learning so much! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who contributes to making this one of the best scrapbooking investments I have made. I don’t know why I ever hesitated to join. – Cathy R.


The teachers

Top paper and digital scrapbooking designers contribute to our classes. We hire teachers again and again who mesh with the Get It Scrapped style of teaching–and that’s to plumb design knowledge, to let us inside their creative minds to understand their creative process. What’s more these teachers are designers who have more than one approach to the page, who play with and explore design themselves. In addition to the recurring teaching voices at Get It Scrapped, we are always looking for new teachers who can give you fresh insights.


For “Single and Pretty,” we were happy to invite back two teachers who hadn’t been around for a while–Lisa Dickinson and Kayleigh Wiles. We brought staffer Amy Kingsford to the forefront and let you see her process and style in action. And we welcomed two new teachers, Ashley Calder, who has quickly become an active member of our forum and live cropping community, and Sian Fair, who was one of my first GIS students back in 2008 and who is currently a member of the GIS creative team.


In April, members will get a special 5-day class with live events and new teachers every day. “Style is Leverage” is a compact and actionable class with worksheets, how-tos, and challenges that you can put to work to understand and really leverage your scrapbooking style. Teachers are Jennifer Wilson, Lynn Grieveson, Ashley Calder, Doris Sander, and Betsy Sammarco.


In May, you’ll see a similar approach with past teaching favorites, Lynn Grieveson, Emily Pitts, Amber Ries, Kim Watson, and a new face, Shelly Jaquet, as we take on the making of two-page layouts.

Thanks for all the amazing classes you bring us. They just keep getting better and better. And thanks for the opportunity of learning from the best teachers. I absolutely love Get It Scrapped – Niurka


springdoublewide - CopyLoving the Double Wide

Our recent focus has been on “single and pretty” pages, but in May, we swing the other way with an exploration of two-page layouts. Two-page layouts are the best choice for some of your scrapbook page stories, and our guest teachers share their best approaches for making two-pagers. From go-to foundations, to design strategies, and the touchpoints that make every two-pager a success.

Keep the great content coming! My GIS membership has been worth every penny. – Kristan Wun


springsbcoach - CopyVideo Lessons that Get You Scrapbooking–and they are all downloadable

The Scrapbook Coach Series is a favorite with members. Every other month, members get a four-video set of lessons that you can scrapbook alongside while learning design. In April, the focus topic of the four video lessons is balance, a design principle that, when mastered, is the key to energetic and engaging designs. All of our eBooks and videos are always completely downloadable.

I love this concept! What I like best is the fact that each design is broken down to manageable chunks and is explained as to why it works. Each lesson gives step by step process so that it can be copied exactly, or enough knowledge to make it your own!— Sugared Songbird

Get a feeling for our eBook and video teaching style

We’ve got a free series of eBooks and videos for you. This series builds on the idea of using page foundations or page starters rather than sketches and templates.