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Style isn’t about looking cool — in fact, it’s not about cool at all. It’s about YOU.

When you have a handle on: 1) the best story angles for YOUR life, 2) YOUR aesthetic preferences for color, pattern, motif, and type, and 3) YOUR favored approaches to process, then YOU are positioned to create more quickly, more confidently, and with more joy and appreciation for the finished product. Click to master your style.

Our 5-day class “Style is Leverage” will guide YOU to create more efficiently and beautifully.

These comments from students last year explain:

I liked the diversity of styles represented throughout the week. I liked how you broke down and explained the elements of style. You are a master at helping us all become better in our own styles, rather than merely presenting something for us to copy. I found the worksheets helpful in identifying my own elements of style. I loved it. Period. I am learning so much from all of the classes, but this event is in my favorites. – Sara

Each morning I read the lesson and printed the worksheet. Then I watched the video for the lesson. After that I looked at my scrapbook pages with a different set of eyes. I really enjoyed this approach, having the pdf, the video, and then a live webinar. When joining in on the webinars I felt like I was actually sitting in a classroom each day listening to awesome designers talking about their approach to making a page. – Bev

Click to master your style.

Only 6 days left to secure a spot

You’ve got just 6 days left to secure your spot in our 5-day class/event, Style is Leverage. Click here so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to understand, leverage, and develop your own creative style.