Visual Storytelling Class at Get It ScrappedHere are three great pieces of advice for anyone looking to push the quality of their own creative works:

  1. The company you keep matters.
  2. Study the masters.
  3. Steal like an artist.

It’s true.

If you want to do outstanding work, then you need to spend time with others who are doing just that kind of work, themselves.

Every day next week, you’ve got the chance to spend an hour in live webinars with five committed scrapbook page storytellers:

  • Wilna Furstenberg
  • Anna Aspnes
  • Jill Sprott
  • Stacy Julian
  • Amy Kingsford

These are our guest teachers in the Visual Storytelling 5-Day Event.

Each morning, you’ll receive a new lesson in PDF and video formats–then you can come on over to our GoToMeeting room and learn about the guest’s take on that lesson. Guests will share their own scrapbook pages that illustrate the day’s lesson. AND you can share your own questions and thoughts during the session. If you can’t be there live, leave us your questions ahead of time, then watch the recording within 24 hours of the live event. Get It Scrapped Visual Storytelling Teacherrs

In addition to the pages and ideas shared by these five featured teachers, there are 100+ scrapbook pages from over 20 designers that illustrate the PDF and video lessons. You’ll have a wealth of techniques and ideas for telling your own stories on pages to treasure.

Visual Storytelling Class at Get It Scrapped



Click here  to get all the details, and register now. Get just the class or, for a few dollars more, get 6-month, all-access pass to the Get It Scrapped library of classes, templates, interviews, lookbooks, and more–and it includes Visual Storytelling (but only through June 6th).

You’ll set up your username and password right after purchase and have immediate access to the library and the pre-class prep for Visual Storytelling. Already a Get It Scrapped member? The class is yours! Just be sure your membership is active on June 6th.