All-New Special 5-Day Event | The Scrapbook Page Parts Idea and Design Compendium | Get It ScrappedLet’s talk about the things you can count on when it comes to telling your stories on the scrapbook page. . .

. . . skills that, once learned, will serve you no matter the current products, trends and techniques.

When Get It Scrapped launched in 2007, there were lots of great teachers and bloggers providing how-tos and inspiration on scrapbooking product, trends, tools, and techniques.

And so . . .

. . . to offer something different and to create resources that wouldn’t become outdated, Get It Scrapped lessons have always been concentrated on five “evergreen” aspects of scrapbooking:

  • page parts
  • layout design
  • storytelling
  • topics
  • ideas and inspiration

Of these, the first–page parts–is the most elemental to scrapbooking.

You can’t avoid page parts. Even if you move to newer digital memory-keeping approaches, page parts are still present.

Think about it: As you scrapbook, you’ve got part #1–the canvas–in which to organize all or some of the other parts: #2 photos, #3 journaling, #4 title, #5 embellishments.

The more you scrapbook, the more you develop your own process around these page parts: some of us start with photos while others start with story. Still, others enjoy the process of composing on the canvas.

The more you scrapbook, the more you develop your own go-to approaches for each of the page parts:

— perhaps you always use 2 or 3 photos and mat them

— or maybe you like two-part titles

— or it could be that most of your pages have rich embellishment clusters

July 17th -21st we’ll be hosting a brand new class/5-day event at Get It Scrapped: The Scrapbook Page Parts Idea and Design Compendium.

That’s right live classes every day, doing a deep dive on each of the 5 page parts with 5 different guest teachers.

  • On Monday, Anna Aspnes and I will talk page part #1: Canvas.
  • On Tuesday, Amy Kingsford joins me to teach page part #2: Photos.
  • Wednesday night, all the way from Hawaii, Jill Sprott is with us for page part #3: Journaling (very appropriate since she’s an English teacher).
  • On Thursday, we’ve got a new-to-Get-It-Scrapped teacher, Victoria Calvin (of Victoria-Marie) on page part #4: Title.
  • Finally, we finish off on Friday with Kim Watson on page part #5: Embellishment.

All-New Special 5-Day Event | The Scrapbook Page Parts Idea and Design Compendium | Get It Scrapped

In addition to delivering those live classes, I’ll be sharing an illustrated eBook each day—over 100 scrapbook pages by more than a dozen scrapbookers (with quite different styles) show you the MANY approaches there are to each page part.

You can attend the live sessions and contribute and ask questions–or you can watch the recordings, which go up within 24 hours.

For the next 12 days you can buy the Page Parts Compendium as a stand-alone class OR you can buy a Get It Scrapped 6-month membership at 20% off and get the Page Parts Compendium at no extra cost.  The Compendium is separate from the membership, so even if your membership expires, it’s yours to keep with “forever” access in the Get It Scrapped classroom.

I’m super excited to offer a class on this elemental aspect of scrapbook page creation: Page Parts. Especially because we’re creating this class to function as a BIG and easy-to-use resource that you can return to again and again . . . Whether you need a fresh idea or a quick approach to getting the work done.

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