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Get Scrapbooking Ideas from Color-Blocked Fashions, Home Decor, Art, and More

See the Color: Blocking pins on  the Get It Scrapped Pinterest Boards for scrapbooking ideas you can use on your own layout designs. why color blocking. Color blocking combines clean lines and strong color contrast for a look that has drama and impact.  This makes color-blocked fashions and art a great place to look for design and color inspiration to […]

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6 Storytelling Approaches for the Scrapbook Page

We frequently share scrapbooking ideas for storytelling at Get It Scrapped. Here’s a closer look at six recent storytelling articles. Follow the links below to team members’ personal blogs and youtube channels where you can see extended technique, storytelling, and product details about layouts accompanying our storytelling articles.   1. Tell A Story with Numbers You […]

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Get Scrapbooking Ideas from Home Decor Pins

See the Home Decor Interiors pins on  the Get It Scrapped Pinterest Boards for ideas you can apply to your scrapbook layout designs. why home decor. Most home decor images that end up pinned are well-styled and, thus, offer inspiration for pattern and color mixing and choices, shape combinations, balance, and composition go deeper. These Get It Scrapped articles show […]

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So That’s Hybrid? 8 Ideas for Using Digital Scrapbooking Products On Paper Pages

Hybrid scrapbooking is a way to use the newest digital scrapbooking products–which incorporate fashion and decor trends before paper products do–and still have the tactile experience of traditional scrapbooking. As digital die cuts and mobile fonts have become increasingly available and popular more people are giving hybrid scrapbooking a try. Several paper scrapbookers on the Get […]

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Motivated to Scrapbook | Ronnie Crowley Lets Her Photos Sing

From the very start, Ronnie Crowley‘s scrapbooking has been all about the pictures. She started out making collage frames for photos of her children.  Then soon after attending her first Creative Memories party she was embracing the hobby of scrapbooking full on and searching for ways to let her photos take center stage. Ronnie’s cool […]

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5 Pinterest Boards for Scrapbookers to Follow – Picks by Emily Pitts

When you’re looking for a starting point and ideas for a scrapbook page, you want resources for getting the job done, and Pinterest probably has what you need–if you could only find it. Scrapbooker Emily Pitts uses Pinterest regularly to jump start her pages. Check out her 50+ boards at and read on to find out […]

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Motivated to Scrapbook | Amanda Robinson Uses Die Cuts to Personalize Her Pages

As a long time scrapbooker, Amanda Robinson has always been interested in die cutting.  It was when she bought her Silhouette that die-cutting as she knew it was transformed. Now Amanda uses die cuts on almost every page, teaches people how to get the most our of their die cutting machines and creates custom die […]

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