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How To Make Easy Scrapbook Pages: Make a textured base with tone-on-tone punches.

  Erin Bassett’s single photo and title stand out against a background full of tone-on-tone texture and dimension. Make your own easy scrapbook page just like Erins’s using the 7-step formula we’ve shared below.   How to make this layout Use kraft paper as your base and punch 20 hearts from a second piece of […]

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How to Make Easy Scrapbook Pages: Layer Title and Journaling Over Photo Enlargement

Use this 7-step formula to make easy scrapbook pages. When you enlarge an older family photo but keep the original crop, there’s a good chance you’ll have open space to accommodate journaling and titles as Emily Pitts has done on “Work it Baby.”  Photographers weren’t as composition savvy, and there’s usually open space around your […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Working with Furry and Fuzzy Materials

Furry and fuzzy materials are trendy in decor, accessories and fashion. Add a bit of this soft texture to your scrapbook page storytelling to evoke associations and feelings–or just to grab the eye. Check out how our Creative Team has put furry and fuzzy elements on their scrapbook pages. Margareta Carlsson says, “One of my […]

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