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4 ways to make visual triangles on your scrapbook pages

By Doris Sander If you’ve read Debbie Hodge’s recent article, “Tap the Power of ‘3’ for Your Scrapbook Designs,” you know that three unifying elements can make a powerful statement on a scrapbook page. Take a look at the layouts here as I share thoughts and ideas  for using the three points in the visual triangle to bring balance to […]

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12 Ideas for Using Patterned Paper Strips on your Scrapbook Pages

By Doris Sander Patterned Paper is a beautiful, versatile, and inexpensive scrapbook product. One of my favorite ways to work with it is to cut or tear the paper in strips.  Once you see how many looks can be achieved with them, you’ll understand why working with strips never grows old. An added bonus is that […]

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