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The Secret to Creating Circular Text in Photoshop Elements

By Pattie Knox Wrapping your words around or inside of a design element can pack a powerful punch when used in your digital art journaling.  Unfortunately, while newer versions of Photoshop contain text on a path capability, versions prior to PSCS and all versions of Photoshop Elements are lacking this feature.  There IS a way […]

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Ideas for memorabilia to scrapbook + scanning how-to

By Pattie Knox As memory keepers we recognize that photos only tell part of the story. We fill our own cardboard boxes, knowing that this memorabilia contains the missing pieces in the tale of our lives. My own two children are now in their twenties. I have folders and boxes scattered throughout my house containing […]

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Photoshop shadowing how-to: make a photo look curved

by Pattie Knox Good shadowing techniques are essential for digital scrapbook pages that contain many layers and images. While you want a cool effect, you don’t want it to clash with the way our minds are accustomed to perceiving objects and their shadows. Try this one out right now! QUICK CURVED PHOTO You can create […]

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Advanced Digital Scrapbooking Techniques: Custom Brush with Clone Stamp

by Pattie Knox Using a Custom Brush with the Clone Stamp Custom Brushes are extremely popular among digital artists—and for good reason. Often thought of as the digital equivalent of rubber stamps, brushes are indispensable tools for adding flair to your work. Here’s a quick trick using a custom brush with the Clone Stamp tool […]

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