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Scrapbook Page Titles

A title isn’t essential to a scrapbook page. However, just a few emphasized words can go a long way toward immediately conveying page subject, setting tone, and even cueing deeper page themes and meaning. While the words are key (look for an article on coming up with titles here soon), a scrapbook page title’s impact […]

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4 Tips for Using Scrapbook Page Sketches

by Tami Taylor Napoleon Bonaparte had it right when he said, “A good sketch is better than a long speech.” When it comes to managing the time in our life, our scrapbooking time often comes up short.  Even if you manage to secure some of that elusive time, it doesn’t always mean you’ll get a […]

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Scrapbook page parts: photos

In the vast majority of scrapbook pages, photos are a key element. They vie with journaling for being the most important aspect of the page. Taking photos Before You Press the Shutter: Four Ways to Improve Your Photography 5 tips for scrapbookers on taking everyday life photos Ideas for scrapbooking retro photos and memories from […]

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Scrapbook Album and Page Formats

A first decision to make is what size paper you’ll use as your page canvas. And that decision will probably be driven by how you want to print, store, and present your scrapbook pages. If you’re making “paper” pages (i.e., you’re affixing photo prints–and, perhaps, mats & other elements–with adhesive to a cardstock base VS […]

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Supplies for Paper Scrapbooking

To make a scrapbook page you will need the following basic supplies. You can buy these at your local scrapbook store, your local craft store, or an online scrapbooking store. 1. Paper Trimmer and small scissors. You’ll need something to cut your paper and photos with. Start with a trimmer like this Fiskars Trimmer that […]

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How to Make Your First Paper Scrapbook Page

If you have a couple of photos, some paper, a trimmer, pen, and alphabet stickers, you can make this page in 10 minutes. Just do it! Don’t over think things. Don’t go shopping for anything besides these basics. Gather: 2 4″x6″ photos you’d like to scrapbook on a page together. One should be 6″ wide […]

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