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scrapbook page designs inpisred by retro branding

Find Scrapbook Page Ideas Using the 3 Elements of Retro Branding

by Debbie Hodge The vintage labels to the left were designed by Wallace Design House and exemplify the three basic elements of “retro” or nostalgic branding: limited and tonal color schemes simple shapes (circles, diamonds, scalloped edges, simple modifications that add curves) retro typography Take a look at branding these days and you’ll see plenty […]

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Got {subscription} commitment issues?

Want in on the monthly ezine and interview series hundreds of MSD members love — but don’t want to commit to an ongoing monthly payment? get 3 recent issues PLUS 3 upcoming issues for less than $10/each through Dec 15th. Each issue includes a 200+ page ezine great for your tablets, readers, or printers and […]

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Inspiration Applied to the Scrapbook Page is like a Fingerprint or a Snowflake: No Two Takes are the Same

by Amy Kingsford At Masterful Scrapbook Design we recently tackled the topic of inspiration–finding it and applying it. (We actually covered TEN sources for scrapbook page inspiration and you can check them all out in this video tutorial that’s an excerpt of the seminar.) I’ve always believed that inspiration is a personal part of the […]

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Scrapbook pages with motifs of "flying machines" | |

What’s Your Motif? Ideas for Using Machines in Flight on your Scrapbook Pages

by Amy Kingsford Use rockets, hot air balloons, and airplanes on themed scrapbook pages and to represent growth, energy, playfulness and even ascendance. Chris Asbury recently took a trip to Las Vegas and stayed in the Paris Hotel. The “Paris” hot air balloon is the hotel’s signature and displayed outside the hotel. Chris says, ” […]

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Scrapbooking Milestone Events

by Debbie Hodge Life events and milestones are things like losing a tooth, winning a golf tournament, moving to a new home, getting your first car, or becoming president of your garden club. We’re talking about those big things that happen for you and your loved ones that are not holidays on the calendar–events for […]

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