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Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page: Lesson #12 the Canvas and Design Principles

This is the final lesson in Where Scrapbooking Ideas Come From. The initial lessons covered six basic design principles: emphasis, contrast, repetition, balance, alignment, and flow. Subsequent lessons (including this one) covered 5 basic scrapbook page parts: photos, journaling, title, embellishments, and canvas. Click here for Lesson 12 that’s it! And that’s it! We’ve looked […]

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Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page: Lesson #11 Embellishments, Titles, and Design Principles

We’re nearing the end of learning about how understanding design principles and using them as you choose and place all the parts of a scrapbook page yields awesome and original layout ideas. Lessons 2-7 covered design principles (emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition, flow). Lessons 8 through 12 are about putting those design principles to work […]

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Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page: Lesson #10 Journaling and Design Principles

This lesson is about your scrapbook page journaling–and getting it onto the scrapbook page with smart use of layout design principles. Click here to open Lesson 10. What are your typical approaches to incorporating journaling on your pages? Do you have favorite techniques  for rendering and placement? Is there anything new here you might try? […]

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