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Visual Inspiration Organized Specifically for Scrapbookers, Journalers, and Crafters

Have you seen our Pinterest boards? Click here now to see and follow all. (Many of you are following Debbie’s boards, but the real action is at the Get It Scrapped boards, so click and follow to be sure you’re getting the right feed.) We are working to make these boards a valuable resource for scrapbookers, […]

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Ideas to build, store and use your button stash | MacGyver’s Button Bootcamp

by Amy Kingsford Buttons…buttons…who’s got some buttons!? Buttons are one of my favorite things in the world! I remember looking through my grandmother’s button stash as a little girl and telling her one day I’d have a button collection just like her’s.  I definitely made good on that promise! Though my button stash doesn’t have […]

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Inside Tami Taylor’s Scraproom

by Tami Taylor  “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A. A. Milne Lately, I’ve been trying very hard to change my scrapbooking process.  With the numerous children I have, it’s hard to find time to just breathe, let alone […]

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Collecting and preserving holiday memorabilia | conversation with Sharyn Tormanen

Sharyn Tormanen spent time talking with me today about her approaches to collecting holiday memorabilia and getting it into her scrapbook albums.  I loved settling in to chat about holidays and our own traditions and how we can preserve those bits of ephemera that reflect today’s times and that are sure to trigger strong memories […]

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6 ways to organize ribbon for scrapbooking

by Amy Kingsford Creative organizing is a great way to give your scrap space the makeover it needs while having a little bit of fun!  Check out these fun suggestions for organizing and storing your ribbon using everyday household objects, and see how a little bit of creative organizing can go a long way! 1. Glass […]

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When my son had a lead role in “Aladdin” there was no way I was taking only a few photos. The problem with having 100 photos, though, is that it can be hard to really make sense of what went on. The four supporting photos here show the progression of the play, but they’re busy. A photo of just my son, after the play with flowers, helps draw the eye in and make the story one the viewer can settle in to.

How to select events photos for scrapbooking

by Debbie Hodge In Organizing Events Photos I share a step-by-step process for winnowing down the photos you’ve taken to a manageble number for scrapbooking events. In the last section of that article, I suggest going through your photos relatively quickly to select those you really like and think you’ll put on a page. Here […]

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