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6 Design Solutions for Getting More Photos on Your Pages

Getting more photos onto your layouts is a challenge we frequently hear our readers face–and one we tackled in a recent video lesson at the Get It Scrapped membership (Skillful Storytelling-Picture Your Story #3). For our readers hear, we present the creative team’s work with the ideas in that lesson: 6 design solutions for this […]

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Ideas for Composing the 5-Photo Scrapbook Page

by Debbie Hodge Here are 4 approaches that work with common crop and size combinations for scrapbooking five photos: series (row or column) grids and blocks 4 + 1 arrangement layered cluster Katie Scott‘s photos are from the last day of school. She says, “I used Debbie Hodge’s Received as a starting point for the page.  I’ve also […]

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Ideas for Composing the 4-Photo Scrapbook Page

by Debbie Hodge When you’re working with four photos there are basic photo cropping and sizing choices you make again and again: crop all photos the same size or create emphasis with a larger photo? crop with same orientation? works great for stacked or side-by-side.  crop to same width-to-height proportions? try a a grid. crop […]

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Approaches for the 3-Photo Scrapbook Page |

Ideas for Composing the 3-Photo Scrapbook Page

When you’re working with three photos there are some basic choices you make again and again: same size or create emphasis with a larger photo? same orientation? and, thus, stacked or side-by-side? all different sizes and orientations? Here are 5 approaches that work with those basic combinations when you’re scrapbooking three photos: side-by-side stacked 1 […]

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