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Tell a Bigger Visual Story When You Extend Your Scene Off the Canvas

The Gestalt principle of closure suggests that when people see incomplete objects–like shapes, letters, or pictures, their brains fill in the gaps. You can take advantage of this principle to create interest and even tension on your page, perhaps bleeding an item off the canvas leaving part of it incomplete giving a photo an unexpected photo […]

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Scrapbook Ideas for Using Meaningful Shapes and Silhouettes in Your Scrapbook Page Foundations | Page Guide No. 7

The first layers you place on your page play an important role in your design’s final look. These first layers (and their shapes) create visual weight, directional pull and contribute to the balance of the design. When those first layers are shapes or silhouettes that are relevant to your story, you not only affect the […]

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Scrapbooking With Intention

Start your page with an idea, or notion, or message. A story or an emotion. Something! Then resolve to convey this intention with all of your design and element choices. We’re pretty sure the scrapbook page storytelling will come more easily and you’ll be pleased with your outcome when you start this way. Our team […]

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Scrapbook Ideas for Top-Heavy Designs

The latest Get It Scrapped Membership class–Scrapbook Coach #21–includes four video lessons walking students through the making of four “top heavy” designs. A “top heavy” design uses elements with substantial visual weight at the top of the canvas–something that doesn’t seem intuitive for getting balance. There are, though, ways to support a top-heavy design, and our […]

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