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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Designs with Tilted Photos

by Debbie Hodge “Straight-on” photos Close to 100 percent of my scrapbook pages have photos placed like these on Spring Break: “straight-on.” The sides of the photos run parallel to the canvas sides (and the tops and bottoms run parallel to canvas top and bottom) — these parallel lines extend into the distance never to […]

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4 Approaches to Framing Scrapbook Page Compositions for Visual Power

by Debbie Hodge When you make a scrapbook page you are combining elements (photos, text, embellishments, journaling, title) within space (your canvas). Your canvas shape and size are what define the space within which you create. The edges of the canvas define your scrapbook page boundaries and the treatment of them offers opportunities for affecting how a viewer […]

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4 Ways to Use Repeated Photos on Your Scrapbook Pages

by Jana Morton As the mother of three, I feel like I am constantly repeating myself.  I repeat myself because I want to strengthen my message in hopes that one day the life lessons that I am trying to convey will sink in.   Just like in parenting, repetition is a design tool that brings strength […]

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Do your scrapbook pages do these 4 things?

by Debbie Hodge A successful scrapbook page: captures the viewer’s attention controls the eye’s movement conveys information, and evokes emotion. Each of these ends can be achieved in a variety of ways, all of which include getting your page elements (photos, journaling, title, and embellishments) onto the canvas using a knowledge of design principles and […]

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6 Ways to Keep a Blocked Scrapbook Page Design Fresh

by Debbie Hodge This article appears in the August issue of Paper and Pixels. One of my earliest and most frequently-used approaches to putting scrapbook pages together was the “blocked” design. In construction terms, “blocking” refers to the horizontal boards placed between wall studs. To make a “blocked” scrapbook page, divide your page into columns […]

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3 questions to ask yourself when you make a scrapbook page

by Debbie Hodge I approach making scrapbook pages by asking myself questions that are based upon my understanding of: 5 scrapbook page elements (canvas, photos, journaling, title, embellishments), and 6 design principles (emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition, and flow). It’s not really as formal that sounds, though. The premise is: If you know what the […]

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