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Video Blog | Use Geometric Shapes on Your Scrapbook Pages for Interest, Stability, and Energy

In this video blog by Christy Strickler, we’ll explore how the creative team has played with geometric shapes within their scrapbook pages. The benefit to working with geometrics is that they are versatile: You can combine and manipulate the pieces for different effects. They’re interesting. They aren’t necessarily feminine. Most geometric prints have a secondary […]

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Digital Techniques for Lighting Up Your Layouts to Create Dimension | Get It Scrapped

Digital Techniques for Lighting Up Your Layouts to Create Dimension

This lesson from Jana Morton first appeared as a part of the membership class “Texture & Dimension.” For that class and over 60 more, join us. by Jana Morton As a photographer, I am very conscious of light. I am always trying to figure out my best position to capture an event based on where light […]

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4 Design Elements that add Scrapbook Page Polish: Color, Texture, Pattern & Shine

by Lisa Dickinson This lesson originally appeared in the Get It Scrapped Membership class Oomph & Polish. Click here to get all the lessons on this topic with an all access pass. Color, Texture, Pattern & Shine One of my favorite television shows is What Not to Wear on TLC.  The hosts, Stacy London and Clinton […]

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Ideas and Tutorials for Adding Dimension to Scrapbook Pages

by Debbie Hodge Dimension (or depth) refers to the measurable extent to which something lifts off the page. Real dimension (as well as the illusion of it) can be added to your scrapbook pages. Dimension on your pages will engage the viewer’s sense of touch–and, thus, involve them more deeply in your pages. Actual dimension on scrapbook […]

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Ideas for Using Tone-On-Tone Patterns and Layered Elements on Scrapbook Pages

Tone-on-tone print patterns combine different shades and tones of the same color. Using these prints on your page adds interest without the busy-ness of a many-colored print. Another approach to getting tone-on-tone effects on your pages is through the layering of elements in varying shades and tones of the same color. This a great way […]

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Use Geometric Shapes on Your Scrapbook Pages For Interest, Stability, and Energy

To explain a recent passion for geometrics in home decor and fashion, decorator Linda Edwards says, “After seeing lots of big, bold, excessive florals and ruffles in the 80s and 90s, people now want to go for a more uncomplicated, modern, streamlined look.” Take a look at scrapbook page galleries recently and you’ll see lots of […]

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