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How to Make a Paper-pieced Monkey Embellishment

by Tania Willis supplies scissors pattern (templates provided) cardstock patterned paper specialty paper (i.e. handmade or mulberry paper) adhesive buttons brads silk and/or paper flowers floss needle tweezers or fine-tipped scissors small spray bottle with water pen or pencil tutorial 1. Print the template pieces (provided at this link) and cut them out.  If you […]

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Make Your Own Scrapbook Page Embellishments with Dingbat Fonts

by Paula Gilarde You don’t even need to have some fancy-schmancy photo editing software to try this digital technique. All you need is word-processing software like Word. I used a dingbat font to create a fun custom embellishment for my page. Dingbat fonts are fonts that uses small pictures instead of letters. In this case […]

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Make Your Own Paper Scrapbook Page Embellishments with Digital Products

by Paula Gilarde Don’t have the right embellishment for your page? Use Photoshop (or even Word if you’re handy with its drawing features) to create shapes, then add color and text for a custom embellishment you can print, trim, and mount on your paper scrapbook page On “Fair” I used digital brushes to make the […]

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Don’t have themed products? “Usurping the Throne” includes a crown cut from glitter paper (the crown is a shape in Photoshop that you could print to the back of paper and cut out) and a flourish covered with gold glitter paper. Even the glittery journaling tag contributes to the fun title and juxtaposition of a sick child in the family throne: Dad’s chair.

Choosing Embellishments for the Scrapbook Page

by Debbie Hodge Think about racing stripes on a car, earrings on a woman, roses on china. Each of these are embellishments. Wikipedia defines an embellishment as something that enhances appearance without having any functional purpose. I say “not so” when it comes to embellishing scrapbook pages. embellishments can deepen and support your page subject […]

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