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Story Forms for Scrapbook Pages: Tell a Slice-of-life Story

Writing story journaling is different from writing journaling for scrapbook pages that address a subject like “Piano playing in my life,” “My Favorite Place,” or “On Vacation in DC.” Scrapbooking a story means telling about a particular event (which may take place in few minutes or over a longer period of time). In this telling […]

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How to write with narrative and scene in your scrapbook page journaling

Narrative tells and summarizes while a scene puts the story of the page right on the stage, with concrete details, movements, and even dialogue.   narrative Take a look at the journaling in “Our Shelby.” It is written in narrative. Narrative is writing that tells and summarizes rather than putting subjects “on stage” speaking and/or […]

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Ten Quick Ways to Make Over Your Photos!

by Amy Kingsford As part of Get It Scrapped’s second dose of the Get It Blogged Challenge, I am blogging weekly “makeover” challenges. For more info about playing along, visit the Get Blogging Forum at Get It Scrapped!  This week, we are making over our Photos! And here are some great ways to give your photos some extra […]

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Evoke feelings and abstractions by writing with concrete details – The Merle Haggard way

by Debbie Hodge Even when your scrapbook page subject is something as lofty as joy or disappointment or life passions, the best journaling will include an attention to specifics and detail rather than the use of words like “joy,” or “fulfillment,” or “malaise.” These are abstractions. Don’t tell me about them — make me feel […]

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When my son had a lead role in “Aladdin” there was no way I was taking only a few photos. The problem with having 100 photos, though, is that it can be hard to really make sense of what went on. The four supporting photos here show the progression of the play, but they’re busy. A photo of just my son, after the play with flowers, helps draw the eye in and make the story one the viewer can settle in to.

How to select events photos for scrapbooking

by Debbie Hodge In Organizing Events Photos I share a step-by-step process for winnowing down the photos you’ve taken to a manageble number for scrapbooking events. In the last section of that article, I suggest going through your photos relatively quickly to select those you really like and think you’ll put on a page. Here […]

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