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Video Blog | 8 Voices To Capture in Scrapbook Journaling and Titles

Write scrapbook journaling or titles that capture a subject’s voice for rich and appealing storytelling. In Christy Strickler‘s video version of this Get It Scrapped blog post, we’ll see several scrapbooking ideas for getting voice onto your layouts from our Creative Team. Click here to see the original blog post with detailed designer notes.

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Ideas for Adding Visual Pizzazz to Your Scrapbook Page Journaling

Scrapbook page journaling is one of five basic scrapbook page parts (the others are photos, title, embellishments, and the canvas everything sits on). In this piece, we’ve got ideas for jazzing up your journaling visually. Sian Fair says, “When my nephew visits, we like to plan a trip to the museum: this page records–in letter […]

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Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling | Get It Scrapped

Use Apps and Social Media for Pre-Scrapbook Storytelling

The story sharing and photo sharing you do on social media can provide a great resource for making scrapbook pages. It means you’ve already identified moments as share-worthy and found photos to represent those moments. You might even have edited and cropped the photos and written notes using apps and tools. All of this pre-scrapbook processing […]

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Write a Six Word Memoir or Life Story for Scrapbook Page Journaling

Write a Six Word Memoir or Life Story for Scrapbook Page Journaling

Can a life story be distilled to six words? That’s a challenge supposedly posed to Earnest Hemmingway that yielded this “flash fiction:” “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.” Smith College launched a project and a website for the sharing of six-word memoirs, and we’ve asked members of the Creative Team to show you theirs (memoirs […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Photos of Bugs and Critters

It’s never too late to give your photos stories, and here we’ve got ideas for scrapbook page storytelling with those photos of bugs and critters in your archives. The Give Your Photos Stories podcast invites 2 or 3 guests to find a photo in their personal archives on a specific topic — and then tell […]

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6 Storytelling Approaches for the Scrapbook Page

We frequently share scrapbooking ideas for storytelling at Get It Scrapped. Here’s a closer look at six recent storytelling articles. Follow the links below to team members’ personal blogs and youtube channels where you can see extended technique, storytelling, and product details about layouts accompanying our storytelling articles.   1. Tell A Story with Numbers You […]

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Give Your Photos Stories | 002 Grandma | Get It Scrapped

Give Your Photos Stories Podcast | 002 Grandma

This week Debbie Hodge talks with Jennifer Wilson, Terry Billman and Michelle Houghton about the photos they have of grandmothers in order to uncover the many stories these kinds of photos offer.  Be sure to let us know what stories the podcast triggered for you – and link us up to your photos if you […]

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