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Scrapbooking Ideas for Pages About Sports

Sports! There’s the thrill of the game, and–if you’re a scrapbooker–the challenge of getting photos, and, finally, the work of arranging those photos on the page so the story can be revisited later: on scrapbooking pages about sports. See these ideas from our Creative Team for making sports layouts. Ronnie Crowley says, “We have just […]

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Learn Pocket Page Design from 5 Passionate Practioners

Starting September 2nd, we’ll spend 2 months studying Pocket Page Design at the Get It Scrapped membership. The class starts with the delivery of an idea- and instruction-packed eBook. It’s followed up by 10 live webinars (and recordings) with our contributing teachers, Doris Sander, Amy Mallory, Adrienne Alvis, Amber Ries and Tracie Claiborne. Get inside their creative […]

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Ideas for Going from Planner to Scrapbook Page

Keeping planner with pretty notebooks and planner-specific products has become trendy. Kit club Cocoa Daisy has been offering  popular planner add on since 2013. Bullet journaling is being recommended in a time when so many of us have gone digital with Evernote or OneNote. Noell Hyman at Paperclipping recently spoofed the planner craze, getting many […]

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