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A list of the mainstay grocery items for passover along with photos of my sons arranging flowers and chopping food convey the spirt of getting ready for our Passover Seder.

Scrapbooking Event Preparations

Start your engines  – how to scrapbook event preparations by Debbie Hodge The preparations for an event include enjoyable and important activities that can be hard to separate from the event itself: making party favors, coloring Easter eggs, baking cookies, and setting a table are a few examples of this. Even when the preparations aren’t […]

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When my son had a lead role in “Aladdin” there was no way I was taking only a few photos. The problem with having 100 photos, though, is that it can be hard to really make sense of what went on. The four supporting photos here show the progression of the play, but they’re busy. A photo of just my son, after the play with flowers, helps draw the eye in and make the story one the viewer can settle in to.

How to select events photos for scrapbooking

by Debbie Hodge In Organizing Events Photos I share a step-by-step process for winnowing down the photos you’ve taken to a manageble number for scrapbooking events. In the last section of that article, I suggest going through your photos relatively quickly to select those you really like and think you’ll put on a page. Here […]

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Scrapbooking Events   Holidays, parties, personal and family milestones, celebrations, outings, vacation, and travel all fall into the category of “events.” I approach scrapbooking events photos separately from everyday life photos or moments photos for a couple of reasons. First, the volume of photos from an event is often quite substantial, and figuring out how […]

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